Staff Augmentation is the most preferred hiring model across the world. It is an effective outsourcing process where a software company provides their skilled and experienced developers through external hires on a contract basis. 

Today, CloudVandana will discuss five key reasons for choosing staff augmentation from India

In today’s digital world, being connected with your customers is the most essential requirement nowadays. And the only way to make that happen is to have a robust online presence.


Whether you choose to develop a website or mobile app, having a team of skilled & dedicated developers is necessary. There are three options for companies to select resources from to complete their projects.

  • Hire In-House Team
  • Hire Freelancers
  • Choose an IT Staff Augmentation partner.

Working with in-house resources can be a good option only if they are highly skilled and properly trained with the latest technologies. In addition, organizations need to bear the costs for in-house developers even after the deployment of the projects. So the costs increase. 

On the other hand, freelancers are connected with multiple organizations. They don’t take the responsibilities of post-deployment maintenance as they get involved with other projects. So, organizations face challenges while providing the best experience to their clients. 

So it is a wise decision to hire skilled developers from a reputed IT Staff Augmentation Firm like CloudVandana to get strong support whenever required to maintain the same productivity. This Indian Augmentation firm can provide the best team of skilled remote developers on-demand to enhance productivity. So, let’s look at the benefits of using the staff augmentation service from India. 

1. Efficient Project Management

Indian software developers are skilled and efficient in their projects. So organizations do not need to worry about the projects and their deployment. The Staff Augmentation partner always allocates the best team of developers depending on the project requirement. So organizations can expect efficient project management from them. 

2. Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring Indian developers is a cost-effective solution as they charge less compared to other countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe. This difference in salary allows software development companies to hire a team of dedicated developers at the salary of one to two local developers. 

3. Resources On-Demand

India has a huge talent pool of developers from which organizations can hire their best team whenever required. This huge workforce helps to find the dedicated offshore developers that are best suited for the organization. 

In addition, organizations can add or remove developers with just a prior notice to the augmentation partner. So the hiring process becomes fast and hassle-free. 

4. Project Customization

Organizations get the full authorization to customize the ongoing projects as per their requirements. They also get the daily progress report from the remote developers. In addition, organizations can remold the project plan at any moment of time, depending on their requirements. 

5. Emergency Support

The whole hiring process, payroll, and required training are done by the software development company or the staff augmentation company. So organizations do not need to worry about this stuff, and they can fully focus on their core businesses. In case of any urgent post-deployment support, organizations can expect help from their outsourcing partner to maintain long-term relationships. 

There are many other benefits of hiring Indian developers that organizations can experience by hiring a dedicated team for a faster deployment process. 

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