as you are generating lots of leads daily but how can you make sure all leads are sales-ready or not? They might be just checking the product but not want to buy at the time or should they just checking it for the future.

Lead quality is the most important point between marketing and sales. Without a proper view of the interest, you can not assign the lead to sales representatives.

These things can help you to find out the Qualified Leads

1. Work with your Sales Team:

As known, the sales team’s role is a very important part of an organization, and they have the experience about which leads are going to be converted because they spend every day talking to customers, so they can become your useful source of information which is a really important action that can help you to find out the quality of leads.

Also, they can give you the best advice to set up a scoring and grading module for your organization, and help you to make a strategy that can pass your leads to the closing funnel.

2. Lead Scoring:

A numerical value assigned to a lead as per their activity on marketing assets is known as a Score. Pardot gives you the default score setup which is automatically assigned to prospects as per their activity on our website or marketing assets.

Automatically assign the score when the prospects:

  • Submit a form.
  • Email Open.
  • Landing Page Success.
  • Any Page view.

Here you can check some of the scores assigned to prospect by default


Note: You can create your score model as per your business requirements.

3. Lead Grades:

Grades are in the form of letters (A –F) which assign to a lead when the leads provide you with more information like which company they work, the size of their company, which country they belong to, and the criteria you set for a perfect match to become a qualified lead.

Automatically evaluating leads with a letter grade (A — F) based on a number of factors. Grading leads ensures that the leads being passed from marketing to sales match your company’s ideal customer profile.

You can use these scores and grades to perform the lead assignment process, so you can assign leads to the sales team which are ready to become ideal customers.

4. Find out the Difference Between Interest and Intent:

Pardot can help you to look deeply into leads, like what they are doing on your website.

Are they looking for webinars, downloading the white papers, or checking your blog posts? These kinds of activities are done by leads are not defining that the leads are interested in our product/service.

When a lead’s looking at your pricing page or filling out the form for a product demo, that will definitely indicate that they are sales-ready leads and ready to buy from you, for achieving this you should set up a scoring model which helps you to indicate high-quality leads.

5. Before the Lead assignment make sure you’re assigning the right leads to your sales rep:

You can find all the lead activity information in the Pardot record tabs, now by taking healthy assumptions from the activity of lead you can find out which leads are sales-ready.

For example, you want to fetch that leads where Job-Title contains the value “Manager”, you create a list of leads by filtering of Leads with that Job-Title. Now you’re sure that if the Job-title value contains the value “Employee” then it should not be a good match to assign to a sales representative.

So make sure first, before assigning the leads to your sales-rep the lead details are matched as you set the criteria for sales-ready leads.

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