Salesforce is considered as the world’s #1 CRM and fits all the business needs and plans. So people across the globe have decided to adopt it. Salesforce has been able to draw visitors to the website, boost the social media presence, improve the networks and gather lots of business cards. Salesforce has helped the marketer to generate leads and converted quality leads into customers. 

But if customers start to leave the account after few months, something must be wrong somewhere. The reason could be that the rival company is snatching the customers or the organization has a leakage in the process, so customers are not satisfied with the offerings. The requirements and the taste of the customers are ever-changing. So companies need to upgrade their process every time to retain customers. Many companies prefer using Salesforce for closing leads, but this conversion process is very expensive. Depending on the industry, marketers need to select the right process to retain the clients

Today, in this article, CloudVandana is describing five very effective ways to use Salesforce for customer retention. 

1. Data Collection Using Customer Data Integration

Customer data integration strategy can improve business processes and enable better information sharing among departments. As a result, this improves customer service, CDI services are essential elements of customer relationship management. Organizations use different tools among the groups which give rise to the expanding business storehouses and diminishing proficiency issues. This process can lead to increased sales, better customer service, etc on an ongoing basis. 

2. Judicious Use Of Customer Data

The sales team collects a lot of leads or customer data over the span of the business. This information can be judiciously used by coordinating and integrating it into Salesforce. Marketers can send a customized and personalized offering using those pieces of information to the clients. Clients will feel special when they will get those personalized offerings. 

3. Better Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of every business. Great customer service leaves the customer feeling valued and respected. If the customers are satisfied with the products or offerings, there is a high probability that they will keep a long-term relationship with the company. Salesforce Implementation Service cloud gives a coordinated client benefit stage for this purpose. 

4. Recognize The Reason Of Leaving

Postponed administrations and poor client boosters are the reasons for the client’s leave. Salesforce Field Service lightning has the propensity to speak with the conveyance drivers progressively which prompts the decrease in postponed conveyances. 

5. Recognize And Re-Engage Customers

Marketers need to re-engage Inactive subscribers in the email list to increase the open rates and engagement of those subscribers. It is a common fact that the email list degrades annually, so marketers need to look at a huge section to email to re-engage them. Though through Salesforce Enterprise Account, marketers can send 500 mass emails at a time. Marketers also can use an email marketing tool to send bulk emails. 

Customer Retention is a marketing strategy on which the profit or the revenue of an organization depends. Marketers should calculate the cost involved in the process of getting a new customer than maintaining the existing one. Above mentioned ways will definitely help the organizations to enhance their customer retention as well as revenue. 

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