Salesforce, the #1CRM, introduced their first cloud computing platform to start a business model built on partnership. Salesforce ecosystem helped them to gain a lot of popularity. Their focus was on the growth and success of every customer. 

Salesforce started its journey as lead management and sales process automation tool. After that, customer service and marketing automation got added to the platform. In addition,  Salesforce releases three updates each year. So even after 20 years of existence, its goal to become the leader of CRM has remained the same.   

Customer Engagement

Customers are assets to Salesforce. So around 1.8 million Salesforce customers are now connected to the Salesforce ecosystem, and they also contribute to the Salesforce success community and share suggestions to improve the ecosystem addition,  Salesforce has a community-driven innovation hub where community members can post ideas and suggest new product features that they would like to see in the future.

App Marketplace AppExchange

The Salesforce Appexchange is the number one app marketplace with thousands of apps that Salesforce CRM can deploy. Every application is pre-integrated to work with all the Salesforce products and customized anytime as per the organizational needs. As per research, 70% of Salesforce users have installed at least one app from the AppExchange. 

Salesforce Partners

The partner community of Salesforce is connected to drive innovations across industries. This made Salesforce the latest Consultant and Partner ecosystem among the other technologies globally. Thousands of independent software vendors and developers are contributing to this ecosystem. They offer a range of certifications, training, and other resources to their ISV partner to serve the customers better. 

Salesforce Developers

Salesforce provides a customer 360 platform to their developers from various Salesforce Consulting companies that contain a toolbox of app cloud services to build employee and customer apps faster in their preferred language. In addition, Trailhead, the new learning platform, helps Salesforce Developers to learn in-demand skills and start their professional career.

Growth Of Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce, the world’s most extensive customer relationship management, has grown over the last few years. The company that started as nothing more than a try is now more diverse, complex, and incredible than ever. As a result, Salesforce transformed the way people see the business, sales, marketing, etc., and all the credit goes to its ecosystem. 

In the Salesforce ecosystem, customers, the marketplace, partners, and developers stay on top of the business model, and their engagement and collaboration reflect precisely these priorities. 

The Future Of Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce has extended its ecosystem by adding new companies, partnerships with market leaders, and opportunities for Salesforce ISVs. Over the years, Salesforce has offered endless possibilities for Salesforce partners and consultants. Salesforce adds more options to the ecosystem to grow more impressively. It is established that if an organization wants to build a business in and around the Salesforce ecosystem, then Salesforce will help the organization do exactly that. 

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