React Native is an open-source UI software framework used for developing applications for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and UWP by enabling developers to use React Framework along with native platform capabilities. 

As Android and iOS apps have become essential and popular in the present era, organizations are investing in these app creations to retain a huge audience. For native app development, a developer needs to invest in creating separate apps for android and iOS platforms. But that leads to complexity and higher development costs. Cross-platform app development build apps using the same codebase across iOS and Android in reduced time and lower development costs. 

So, most developers are adopting cross-platform app development over fully native app development. Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of React Native platform. 

React Native uses JSX to create native apps for Android as well as iOS. A huge number of developers are choosing React Native to develop cross-platform mobile applications. It is a powerful tool that helps in creating apps the same as native apps. So mobile app creation becomes efficient yet cost-effective. 

Advantages Of React Native

Among various advantages, let’s discuss the five key advantages –

1. Enhanced Performance

This platform operates interactions with Android and iOS native components and generates codes to native APIs with any interface. Enhanced performance and increased efficiencies are the direct outcomes of this framework that made it unique from the other native APIs and UIs. 

2. Community Support

React Native enables all the developers of the community to test all documentation and also allows them to contribute to it whenever needed. This community-driven network helps developers to get proper guidance from other developers. In addition, developers are encouraged to share their findings and learning, creating a great collaborative experience for everyone. 

3. Simplified UI

The technology assures a simplified mobile user experience. With the help of this technology, developers can achieve the proper sequence for creating apps. Though applications built with React Native have a more responsive UI, and seamless UX  and takes lesser time for loading. 

4. Cost-Effective

React Native helps to reduce the cost of app creation to a huge extent. In this framework, developers do not need to write segmented codes for iOS and Android and can code the application in the existing language. A small team of native developers is just needed for all app development businesses and that ensures a sharp reduction in project completion time aided by the capabilities of the React Native community. 

5. Code Reusability

This helps to reduce the time and cost of the project and very essential for all business and app developers. 

Pre-developed components in the open-source library enable developers to access codes efficiently. So developers can easily use these ready codes for faster deployment. 

After discussing the benefits, let’s discuss the drawbacks of this framework. 

Disadvantages Of React Native

Let’s discuss the drawbacks of this platform that developers should consider before using it. 

1. Tough To Learn

Learning React Native can be difficult, especially for trainees who might find challenges in creating applications with JSX in the JavaScript environment. App developers need to know the app coding too to handle various features. So without those capabilities, developers might find difficulties in both iOS and Android platforms quite difficult. 

2. Complex UI

React Native is not the right choice for applications that need complex movements, animations, and various interactions. As iOS and Android systems are different, so using a unified API might be challenging. 

3. Lower Security

React Native is an open-source framework. As a result, developers sometimes face challenges to keep the app secure. Due to its fragile nature, developers need to be cautious while developing apps like banking or finance applications. Otherwise malicious codes can cause a critical threat to the app’s safety features. 

4. Memory Management

React Native is not suitable for use in computation-intensive applications as it is based on JavaScript. The framework reduces performance and speed making memory management and usage quite difficult. 

5. Long Initialization Time

This framework takes a longer time to initialize the runtime before it can render properly the first time. This problem can cause JavaScript threads that take more time to initialize. 


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