Salesforce CPQ is a Price, Quote Software by Salesforce that organizations use for accurate pricing for any product or service configuration scenario. This platform provides easy-to-use software to the sales team. This is a cloud-based platform so that users can access this from any device. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana gives an overview of Salesforce CPQ and the billing procedure associated with this platform.

Businesses nowadays are constantly adopting modern technologies to maintain all the requirements of their clients. Previously, traditional methods of record-keeping were the only methods of record tracking. But to stay one step ahead of the competitors, most organizations are adopting advanced methods of tools and automation. Digital platforms have given a choice to the customers to interact online and avail all the facilities sitting at the comfort of their preferred location. So, to get the best results and increase the number of satisfied customers, organizations are integrating Salesforce, the best customer relationship management software, to ensure the best results. 

Let’s have a look at the work process of CPQ.

How Does Salesforce CPQ Work

CPQ is a sales tool for businesses to create quotes or orders without human error. The quotes generated by CPQ are fully automated, so there is no chance of errors in quantities, discounts, customization, etc. Besides accuracy, this platform saves time to perform complex tasks. 

CPQ helps organizations avoid incorrect pricing, inaccurate discounts, and other possible errors. Furthermore, this CRM platform helps build strong relationships with the clients focussing on their unique requirements. 

Salesforce Billing

It is an effective tool for automating the billing process. This is a user-friendly tool for companies that prefer automation. Salesforce has designed the automated billing process considering the requirements of companies. This platform enables the user to automate invoices, payments, and revenue. For example, when a user places an order under Salesforce, CPQ billing picks up the order and creates a record. 

Users can use Billing for invoicing an order and managing the accounts-related procedures. This platform makes it possible to maintain the data for all the transactions and takes the help of an ERP to store them. Users should keep these steps in mind while working with this billing platform. 

Salesforce billing can manage a variety of products under one rule. Through this platform, users can create an invoice, the pricing, billing dates, and cycles. Can quickly generate a revenue schedule and transaction, calculate tax easily, and calculate tax based on integration. 

Through this billing system, users can create an order and contract. This contract will influence the contract sale transactions. The quote will show an unactivated status for products. Users can easily bill products that are activated. So, it gives a clear picture of the order status.

Salesforce Billing helps the users to create and manage revenue reports easily. In addition, users can option of spreading the revenue over a period. Users can decide if to add discounts or credits on products through this tool. 

Salesforce billing converts CPQ’s data into transactional data. Thus Salesforce Billing and CPQ take care of customer financial touch-points. By integrating ERP within Billing, users can create invoices, manage payments, calculate revenues, etc. 

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