Salesforce automation tools help in increasing your efficiency and productivity by automating the tasks that admins and salespeople need to perform manually. As a result, they can concentrate on a more important task. Salesforce provides numerous Automation tools to automate an organization’s business process such as Workflow, Process Builder, Approvals Process, and Flow Builder. 

We can discuss some processes which can be automated with Salesforce. This will save the time and energy of the team and better productivity can be achieved.

Lead Management

Leads need to be nurtured in a customized way. Leads are the main priority in a sales funnel. So if the sales team assigns a lead, the lead needs to be well cultivated. Like the salespeople who are handling the lead, they need to send a welcome email and collect all the points regarding that, and set a reminder to follow up in a specific span of time. When an Organization has multiple employees, it is obvious that each and every person has an individual approach and style when to contact or nurture the leads.  Some of these might be very effective while others are less.

With Salesforce’s automation tools, nurturing leads is as simple as creating workflow and emails. These are customized according to the requirements of potential customers. The sales team can take advantage of customized campaigns by automating emails, phone calls, and even timely follow-ups. 

Before automating, the organization needs to select the method which is most effective for the team and needs to expand those efforts by implementing them across the board. Automation allows the organization or the business owner to track the efforts of the team. It also allows the team to see how engagement is influenced by adjustments to content, images, or timing.

Opportunity Automation

Salesforce automation tools influence potentials to convert as the customers. An organization can set up a big deal alert with the automation capabilities so that opportunities can’t be missed. It automatically creates tasks to give reminders to the sales team for a periodic check-in.  Automation tools can even automate reminders to alert managers and other staff to check on the opportunities that might slip through the cracks.

Account Management

Salesforce automation plays an important role in the account management of an organization or business. Tasks can be set up for account-related notifications. The notification notifies the concerned person about the deal which was closed more than 3 months ago or a transaction that was processed recently. Instead of keeping track of all the related accounts to the company and the team, companies can let Salesforce do the task for them. 

Contracts Generation

As Salesforce automation tools the complicated tasks for the companies, the employees get more time to shine in their interactions with prospects and existing customers. Companies can use automation to pull information to generate quotes and contracts. After sending the initial email, business owners can set up customer follow-up reminders to avoid any follow-ups related to inaccuracy.

Onboarding Process Efficiency

Any organization needs to hire new employees for rapid growth. A consistent onboarding process is needed for a smooth login. Missing any step or any information during the onboarding process can affect the team in many ways. So to decrease the manual errors, any organization can proceed with an automated onboarding process. It provides thorough and constant support to every new hire. After the creation of the user account, an automated process can be set up for an automatic welcome email with user information. Thus Salesforce can help the new hire with their first login. As a registered Salesforce Partner, CloudVandana does the procedure smoothly for the customers.

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