Lightning Web Components is a practical programming model for developing web applications. It is well-matched with the Aura programming model and can coexist with the Aura component in the platform. Moreover, the performance is outstanding, which provides an endless advantage to the users. In this blog, CloudVandana describes three key benefits of the Lightning Web Component for any organization. 

Web components support elements, shadow DOM, modules, templates, and various language constructs in ECMAScript 7 and more. In addition, it can boost the Salesforce lightning platform to develop UI components. 

Benefits Of Lightning Web Components

Salesforce Lightning Web Components increase the speed and security of the platform. It helps the admins or business owners from a dedicated layer of Salesforce service on the core stack. Services include Data Service, base lightning components, and user interface. As this component is lightweight, it is very compatible with browsers for increased security. 

Accelerated Development

Salesforce Lightning Web Components enhances the team efforts by updating components to work without hassle with any device like mobile and desktop. This updated lightning platform helps users to create generic components for enhanced performance. Admins can just drag and drop the generic component during the implementation of Lightning App Builder. Users can avoid ViewState Error and can experience the two-way binding process. 

Enhanced Performance

The platform provides an enhanced performance than Aura Components. It is the prime advantage of this framework. When a user works with the LWC JScontroller through Javascript, the data to the Javascript controller can be manipulated. So without making a server call, users can display the same as per the requirements. It also provides a boosted DOM  render engine. So users can experience an increased speed in component rendering. The workflow becomes amplified than the workflow of Aura

Compatible Solution

LWC provides a seamless experience to the users, deploying responsive design(Salesforce Lightning Design System). It supports the most updated browser technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. Lightning Design System (SLDS) helps business leaders to customize their components as per their requirements. 

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