Net Zero Cloud calculates greenhouse gas emissions by using global emission factors to help the experts to gain accurate calculations and critical insights about the carbon footprint. In addition, Net-Zero Cloud helps collect, categorize, and analyze energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions data throughout the company’s business activities. 

In the previous blog, we have discussed the overview of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the five key benefits of using the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. 

We can contribute to the climate by reducing pollution and cleaning up the atmosphere. Net Zero Cloud is Salesforce’s contribution to nature by reducing the carbon footprint. This Cloud provides essential tools to businesses to make critical changes, and companies can drive climate change initiatives across the globe. After discussing the basic concept of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, let’s look at the benefits of this platform. 

Benefits Of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

1. Helps To Track The Emissions

This Cloud platform provides enterprises with a revolutionary means of tracking carbon emissions, analyzing data, and improving their workflow. In addition, this Cloud platform uses Salesforce’s artificial intelligence Einstein Analytics to draw accurate reports and make precise predictions for the future, so the Salesforce experts can plan to make a huge impact doing some minor changes. 

2. Focuses On Operating Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the critical factors in global climate change. While these changes may be complex for a few organizations, Salesforce users can be assured that their CRM is conducted by green energy. 

3. Salesforce Will Protect The Environment

Salesforce is always committed to protecting the environment and saving trees. This CRM platform is continuing to make things better. Planting and protecting trees in the next decade will contribute to the climate cause. 

4. Salesforce Is Always Updating

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is very user-friendly. Companies of all sizes can track supply chain emissions here, while the streamlining system reduces admin costs. 

5. Contribution To The Businesses With A Clear Conscience

Net Zero Cloud takes action against climate change is typically a clear conscience. With the pledges made by Salesforce, experts are reducing the emissions, offsetting the emissions. 

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