CloudVandana App Store or CV App Store is a store for Salesforce Cloud Applications & Services.

Introduction Of CloudVandana

CloudVandana is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner and ISV Partner for the last 5 years.CloudVandana is a Salesforce-first IT company offering business process consulting and development services through the Salesforce Platform and its extended offerings.

Our skilled and experienced team conducts a strategic assessment of client requirements and implements their business processes on the Salesforce Cloud.

The man behind the company is Atul Gupta, who laid the foundation of CloudVandana in 2016.

Who We Are: We are a registered Salesforce Partner, with Salesforce MVP leading company and AppExchange partner. We have achieved 30+ Salesforce Certifications till now for our outstanding performances. We have successfully Implemented 400+ Salesforce Implementations. According to the CIO Review, we are among the top 20 promising Salesforce solution providers.

Our team is composed of: We have Salesforce Consultants, Developers, and Architects. 

We also have Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Salesforce Service and Sales cloud, Salesforce Lightning Developers, Data Migration Experts, Salesforce Mobile App developers, Salesforce system integration experts, and so on. 

Services we provide: Salesforce Implementation, Training, Technical Support, Development, Consulting & Architecture Design, Integration, Data Migration, Lightning Web Component Development, Support & Maintenance, Staff Augmentation, and AppExchange App Development.

Industries we serve: Retail, Manufacturing, Legal Services, Nonprofit organizations, Communication, Real Estate, Aviation, Marketing, and many more.

Our 5 steps process: Discover, Requirement gathering, Plan, Build, Deploy

CV App Store

Salesforce is recognized as the world’s no #1CRM. CloudVandana is here to provide many customized Salesforce apps and their implementations to boost productivity and enhance the growth of any organization. There are many Paid and Free Salesforce Apps by CloudVandana that will help any job to be done faster and better and any company to achieve the desired results. Let’s have a look at the apps.

1. CV Timer

CV timer tracks the time the user or the teammates are spending on a particular task and then logs the hours automatically. Visit the link to get to know more about the CV  timer. CV Timer will help you to keep track of your time by starting the clock and log that Time with your deal or opportunity. This app not only helps to manage the time efficiently but allows the managers to see the performances of the employees based on the time captured on any opportunity by intuitive Time tracking. CV Timer can be added to the Homepage and Utility Bar of any application.CloudVandana is providing you with the pre-built App having CV Timer Component added, so you can start using the app without any hassle. Visit the link to know more about CV Timer.

2. Suggestions Box

This app empowers the employees of an organization to give needful suggestions related to their work and needs if they feel like it, they can share it helping in the overall growth of the organization to achieve a peaceful & happy working environment.

Collaboration is the key to success for any organization. The company grows faster if the employees are happy and with this app, the user can give the employees opportunities to participate in decision-making at work. As a result, they feel empowered and assume more ownership of their work which in turn helps to reduce the overall workload thereby helping everyone contribute more.

This app is simple and natively designed on the salesforce platform. This app can be used by small size organizations to large enterprises. There is no industry-specific barrier to using this app. This would be helpful for companies working in any domain. To know more about this app, visit the link below.

3. CV Exception Framework

This is a Salesforce Exception Handler Framework designed by CloudVandna Solutions. This exception handling framework will give a detailed description of the exception that occurred, including the Line Numbers, Exception Messages in an easy-to-read format. It will help Apex developers to log catch exceptions in a custom object. This app will help Apex developers to log catch exceptions in a custom object and not just in debug logs which are relevant only for 24 hours.

Once the app is installed, developers can use this framework in any apex class, be it a controller, batch class, scheduler class, or trigger handler to capture detailed exception messages, neatly logged into a custom object. This provides a very easy and proactive way of capturing exceptions in PRODUCTION. The development team can keep an eye on exceptions and take action even before they being reported by the end-users. Visit the link to more about the app.

4. Opportunity Clone With Products

With this App by CloudVandana Solutions, a user can easily clone Opportunity with its related Products in Lightning Experience. It is easy to configure and clone the records at the click of a button. It saves time and increases the productivity of the Sales Representatives.


  • One-Click solution to Clone Opportunity with Products.
  • Just need to add the “Clone Opportunity with Products” button to your Opportunity Layout to use the app.
  • You can specify ‘Prefix’ and ‘Suffix’ values to your clone Opportunity name as well.
  • Natively designed on Salesforce
  • 5-star rating on AppExchange

Visit the link to know more about the Opportunity Clone With Products.

5. CV Easy Lead and Contact Data Management

CV Easy Lead and Contact Data Management give the ability to manage multiple Phone Numbers, Emails, and other details for leads and contacts. You can specify the type of each Phone and Email, and also select the relevant ones as Primary phone numbers or Primary Emails. No restriction if your prospect shares multiple emails or phone numbers to contact. You can easily manage using this app. With CV Easy Lead & Contact Data Management application sales reps, support agents and any salesforce user can easily organize personal information like phone and email to the related lead and contact.


  • Salesforce Native App.
  • Easy to Configure and Easy to Use.
  • Retains Phone/Email data with Lead Conversion as well.
  • Compatible with all the salesforce clouds, Lighting, and Classic Interface.

Visit the link to know more about CV Easy Lead and Contact Data Management

6. CV Twitter Feed

Wonder what your Accounts, prospects, and contacts are tweeting about?

Do you want to keep yourself updated about Tweets of your contacts, prospects, or accounts you are dealing with? Do you find it tedious to open Twitter in a separate Tab and search for each profile?

CV App Store is here to solve all your questions with the new CV Twitter Feed app. It is easy to configure and designed natively on Salesforce. You can get Twitter feeds of your Contacts, Leads, and Accounts on the Salesforce page without switching tabs and you don’t need to go anywhere for that. 

Just enter Twitter handle on the page and you are good to go. Sounds easy, isn’t it? To know more about the app, visit the link.

7. CV Product Search

CV Product Search helps the sales representatives to search and add multiple products to the opportunity. This app is designed natively on a Salesforce platform and compatible with standard opportunity and product objects.

The lightning interface gives the user limited field options to search products and add to the opportunity but with CV Product Search there is no limitation on the field you search your product. You can refine your search result by using multiple field filters in a single search keeping all the other standard Salesforce functionality as it is. Visit the link to more about the app.

8. CV TimeLogger

Cv TimeLogger helps to track the time spent by the team on their tasks, if the tasks are completed or not. It’s an Enterprise-Grade application designed to help the user(Manager, Supervisor, Company Owner) to manage tasks and the time spent by your team/employees on each task. Visit the link to more about Cv TimeLogger

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