Creating related records can be a tedious task, but not anymore. Learn how to use quick actions to create new related records in just one click and maximize your efficiency. As we know that to create a related record for any object, you must go to the particular record on which you want to create that related record and scroll down to go to the related list to find the button “New” with the object name, and then you have to click on that. From this process, you can create a new related record.

Instead of this process, now you can create a button or link which, on click, opens an interface where you can create the required record with the selected fields and some predefined fields without moving to another page. All this can be done with the help of Quick Action. With this setup, You can not only create records but also update records, log calls, send emails, and also call Visualforce Pages.

Types of Quick Actions:

  • Object-specific quick actions
  • Global quick actions

Object-specific quick actions, specify that whenever you want the action to be used only on a particular Object, you use Object-specific actions. So basically, These actions are displayed on the details page layout of a record. It can only be used on the Object Page layout of the Object on which it is created.

Let’s look for an example. You have Account and Order objects in Salesforce. If you want to create an Order from Account, you need to navigate to the related list and select the ‘New Order’ button. Then it will pop up with another page, where you can enter details of an Order and a new Order will be created. Now here, will create a ‘Quick Action’ button which on click creates Order without navigating to another page.

Global actions, This can be used anywhere in Salesforce globally on the Groups page, Home page, and chatter feed page. As these are not associated with any other objects. It can be used on any object’s page layout and added to the global publisher layout. From Global actions, let users create or update records, log call details or send emails. When a global ‘Create action’ is created, it creates a new record that is not related to any other object.

Like this, you can create Quick Actions to decrease the time taken to perform some types of Actions such as creating or updating records,  send emails, log a call, or we can also call Visualforce pages.

Steps to create Object-specific Quick Actions in Salesforce:

Let’s take an example –

Create a Quick Action for a new opportunity record (with some predefined fields) on the Account object.

Step 1 –  Go to Object Manager and select Buttons, Links, and Actions and then New Action.

Step 2 – Create New Action as Create New Opportunity by given details and also define some predefined values for opportunity record.

Step 3 – Now go to Page Layout and drag the Create New Opportunity from Mobile and Lightning Action into Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions. Then go to your app (Sales) and refresh the page and open any account record.

Step 4 –  After clicking on Create New Opportunity, you will get a pop-up page for opportunity record creation whereas you will have to fill Opportunity Name and for other fields, you have already defined by using predefined field values.

Step 5 – An opportunity record has been created on Account.

Step 6 – This is an opportunity record details that is created by using Quick Action.

Like this, you can add action on any object to create, update, send emails and log a call etc. For more information, visit CloudVandana.

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