Reports and Analytics are important tools to run any business. To answer business questions sometimes means making a calculation on every row in a report. With the feature of row-level formulas in Salesforce Reports, you don’t need to export report data to a spreadsheet or ask an admin to create a one-off custom formula field. Instead, create a row-level formula field right while creating a report and use it as a regular column.


Write a row-level formula on a closed opportunity report to calculate how long each opportunity took to close. Click Add Row-Level Formula, and write a formula that subtracts created date from the close date.



The row-level formula appears as a column on the reports.

Features Available for Row-Level formula:

  • Filter and group report data by row-level formulas.
  • Sort groups by row-level formulas.
  • Reference row-level formulas in summary formulas.
  • Dashboard components, including charts, metrics, gauges, funnels, and tables, now support row-level formulas.
  • Row-level formulas support:
    • Summaries, such as sum and average
    • Picklist fields
    • Conditional formatting
    • Report charts
    • Formatted report export
    • Report subscriptions

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