Want to improve your segmentation strategy in Pardot? Dynamic lists can help! Follow this guide to learn how to create and use them. Having trouble with managing your List of new prospects again and again as per their activities on your website or any of your marketing content?

Don’t worry; with Pardot, you can create a Dynamic List action-based list where Prospects will be added and removed automatically on the basis of their actions/activity. 

When the prospect matches a criterion defined by you, it will automatically be added to the list, and when the prospect does not match the criteria, it will be removed.

Consideration for Using Dynamic List in Pardot

  • Easy to set up and maintain.
  • Dynamic Rules work retroactively i.e., on new and existing data.
  • We can use dynamic lists as a recipient list in a drip program, and if the prospects are removed from that list then they will no longer be a part of the email program.
  • If we split a dynamic list then the result lists will be converted into static lists.

Let’s check this image of a dynamic list of prospects that belong to Delhi City.

Note: In this dynamic list, if the prospect’s default field City is Delhi, then the prospects will be added to the list, and in the future, if prospects change their city, then it will be removed automatically from the list. To know more contact CloudVandana.

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