Remote developers are an extended workforce of a software development organization. They can fill the work gap as they are skilled and trained in a specific framework that the in-house team can not perform. Remote Developers work from any location and are part of the company for a specific period. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will describe seven effective strategies to manage remote developers. 

Managers are hiring remote developers for a better work process and more revenue. After the pandemic, employees are also becoming more interested in remote work, increasing their productivity. 

Many tools and team management techniques are available to support remote working and overcome various challenges. Remote working is the future, as most top brands have adapted this remote management process worldwide. So all organizations should have a clear understanding of this management system. 

Let’s look at the seven effects that organizations generally face while managing a remote development team. 

7 Effective Strategies To Manage Remote Development Teams

1. Proper Communication For Better Coordination

Meetings are one of the traditional team management techniques. Meetings can cover all the doubts and complexities faced by the team members and guide them towards success. The managers can conduct meetings to know the progress of the remote team and guide them to perform better. 

2. Sprint Check-Ins

Sprint check-ins are quick booster meetings that ensure the task progress is headed in the right direction. Managers can use sprint check-ins to evaluate the work-in-progress. 

3. Manage The Time Zone Differences

Remote work opens up the global talent pool for recruiters. So global workforce is synonymous with remote working. So there might be timezone differences. Managers can set a proper work schedule for better coordination. 

4. Agile Workflow

To get the best productivity, managers should not restrict their workflow. The team should be free to switch between different or even change tasks after the submitted stand-up. The flexibility is great for developers, so tracking the changes can be challenging. 

5. Eliminate Communication Gaps

In the remote working process, communication gaps are higher. So managing the communication gaps should be a top priority for every manager. There should be a transparent work process for better synchronization with each other. This helps to eliminate communication gaps.

6. Manage Timesheets

Deadlines can be challenging for remote workers. So managers should focus on project time management. To properly manage the project time, managers can consider maintaining timesheets. This practice will enable them to handle the team properly. 

7. Usage Of Centralized Tool

Management tools are essential to run any organization seamlessly. These tools bring all the employees on a single platform. Using too many tools can confuse the developers. So organizations should use a centralized management tool for business enhancement. 

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