Google Trends is a platform offered by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. Marketers need to track the trending ideas continuously for the enhancement of marketing efforts. So Google Trends gives constant support to the marketers to figure out the popular trending topics over the internet. This tool identifies the current and existing trends in search marketing. Marketers can choose any topic relevant to their niche and put them in the marketing strategies. 

In this article, CloudVandana will help the marketers to understand the functionality of Google Trends and the way it can boost the marketing efforts. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is an important tool offered by Google that helps marketers to identify trending topics across various industries. It actually helps both marketers and journalists. Google trends show the trending topics and marketers can draw the attention of the visitors using those topics. It is always a good idea to use these topics for the creation of content. Though there are millions of content ideas for a marketer to choose from, Google Trends tells the visitors about the most popular trending topic in a specific way. Marketers can insert any topic to know if the topic is trending or not in the search bar. 

Google Trends For Marketing

Even if a person is not involved in the content creation, can use Google Trends regularly. People want to read the topics that interest them. So marketers, bloggers, or SEO, should be found such topics that will create interest among the visitors. Most marketers become so focused that they sometimes forget about the topics that interest them. The tool tells the marketers the popularity of a specific search phrase, so it becomes easier for them to decide if the topic is worth creating content or not. Marketers should keep in mind that all the trending topics might not be relevant to their industry. So they should choose phrases that are only related to their niche. Google Trends assist in the visual content as well that has many SEO-related benefits. If marketers are searching for image ideas that can boost the social media campaign or enhance the blog post, Google Trends can help the marketers to make the decision.

The following four points will describe the uses of Google Trends in marketing.

1. Helps In Improving SEO

Google Trends helps in organic search and keyword research. The tool also provides years’ worth of data to help marketers identify evergreen topics. So they can put their time and effort into those topics. If a keyword is popular for the last 5-6 years, then marketers or content creators can use those topics in a new way to boost their SEO. 

2. Helps In Content Creation

Google Trends provides new and interesting topics to write about. It is very challenging for marketers to choose the topics for content creation that will attract audiences and will rank higher in search engines like Google. As the marketers get to know the trending topics, they can create exciting content for better website traffic

3. Ideas For Webinars

Marketers need to reach out to the right people at the right time through webinars. Google Trends help them to do that. Marketers need market research before planning for a webinar. If an organization is planning to host a free webinar, they will definitely plan to use the currently trending topics in social media campaigns and PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to get the people’s attention on the webinar. They also need to know the keyword search that customers are using for their queries. Google Trends assist them in aspect for a successful webinar and other campaigns. 

4. Helps To Find Long Tail Keywords For Paid Campaigns

The marketers can start capitalizing on paid ads only after finding the right keywords. So finding the right keywords for the paid campaign is very important. Long-tail keywords help a lot for any campaign. Google Trends helps to find the trending keywords. So if the marketers add a long tail to that keyword, they can target a large number of audiences to serve their offerings. For example, peach is a trending fruit for winter. Google Trends can assist us by proving the keyword. Now, a fruit-selling business owner can add “organic peach for weight balance” or, “ organic peach for better eyesight”, to attract more web traffic and can move towards the conversion. So Google Trends assures the marketers so that they do not need to take any chances for their marketing.

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