Salesforce Kanban view for your Opportunities gives a summarized view that helps to close deals faster. Now, opportunity deal change highlights help your sales team prioritize work by showing recent changes to amounts and close dates. 

For example, knowing which deals changed helps sales managers with their weekly coaching sessions. In the opportunities list view and Kanban view, text colors and arrows indicate amounts and close dates that changed during the last 7 days. And users can hover over an arrow to get details.

Changes to opportunity amounts and close dates now show motion indicators for 7 days.

Red text and arrows indicate amounts that decreased and close dates that were pushed out (1). Green text and arrows indicate amounts that increased and close dates that were pulled in (2). Hover over an arrow to see what changed, who changed it, and when (3).

Setup Steps:

Opportunity deal change highlights are turned on by default, but you can turn them off (and back on) via Opportunity Settings in Setup.

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