Salesforce gives the feature to subscribe yourself and other users, groups, or roles to receive refreshed report results by email on a schedule that you set as It’s not always convenient to sign in to Salesforce just to view a report. With the latest release, as a report subscriber, you can choose whether to receive the report attachment in .xlsx or .csv format and open your email to view the results.

Steps to Subscribe to Reports

  1. To attach files to a report subscription, subscribe to the report.
  2. In the subscription setup, click Attach File and then select Formatted Report or Details Only. 
  • Each Formatted Report is delivered in .xlsx format and included in the body of the email. 
  • Each Details-Only report is attached to the message as a .csv file. For .csv attachments, you can select the encoding type.

The reports that you subscribed to are delivered to your inbox on schedule and in the selected format.

Note: The attached report can include up to 15,000 rows and 30 columns. Additional rows are clipped. To view the entire report in Salesforce, click the report title in the formatted report email or sign in to Salesforce and search for the report.

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