Having trouble with finding out the CRM Status of Prospects in Pardot? No worries, Pardot Automation Rule here to the rescue.

As known, Pardot comes with automation rules which allow you to perform certain marketing and sales actions based on criteria that you specify. It allows you to perform specific tasks to help you achieve your marketing goals. Automation rules make your job easier in a variety of ways like Lead qualification, assignment, task creation, assign to your sales representatives, applying tags, adding to campaigns, etc.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Automation > Rules
  • Click +Add Automation Rules
  • Choose a Name for the rule for internal use
  • Select a Match type
    • Match any – Only one aspect of the Rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).
  • Rules: select the same rule in your automation rule.
CRM Status
  • Actions – Select at least one action to take place when your rule criteria are met. Click the + and select any actions like, add the prospect to List, apply tags or Remove Prospect from List, etc.
  • Click Create automation rules to save the rule.

Note: This rule will filter on all prospects based on the status of the prospect’s synced CRM record.

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