Salesforce has come up with a new Email Template builder. You can create email templates faster and more easily with visual tools in the Email Template Builder. Instead of adding HTML code, your users can drag elements to create effective email templates. They can compose email templates with a few clicks to place design elements right where they want them. As you know, Sending professional, appealing emails is essential when communicating with your customers. Using captivating email templates gets you there.

This is available for all Lightning Experience who are using  Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions, and all editions of Pardot in the Pardot Lightning app. This feature isn’t available in Pardot Classic or the standalone Pardot app.

Users with Access Drag-and-Drop Content Builder or Manage Content Builder permission can Create and manage Email Template Builder templates. Any user that can send an email can use email template builder templates.

How can you use the Email Template Builder?

After creating a Lightning email template, users with the correct permission see the Edit in Builder button.

Click Edit in Builder to open the Email Template Builder.

Choose a component (1) and drag it to the canvas (2). Change the details and style of the component using the properties panel (3).

Your users can now easily create an engaging email template.

Note: Email Template Builder isn’t available for previously created Classic and Lightning email templates.

For more details visit CloudVandana.

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