Salesforce mascots or characters are known as the Salesforce family. Salesforce presenters often refer to an ever-growing list of Salesforce Characters. Every character is very popular worldwide, but many people are still new to the Salesforce world and don’t have much information about their functionalities. 

In this blog, Cloudvandana will give a detailed overview of the Salesforce family. 

The idea behind the innovations of the mascots is to make the learning and the dry coding stuff a lot more fun. Each character represents a kind of persona in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Salesforce Family


SaaSy is delightful, outgoing, inspiring, adventurous, and independent. The NO SOFTWARE concept and logo were born from the notion of making software more affordable, seamless using process, and democratic in general. SaaSy is present at Salesforce events, looking for innovative methods to connect and cheer the users. 


Astro has been the most popular mascot to date. They are the guide to Salesforce. They represent the persona who helps others to learn Salesforce. He is featured in various presentations by this #CRM brand. He is an astronaut, a scientist, a doctor, and so on. Every year he gets a new Halloween costume. 

Kind Lionheart Astro

Astro has a sibling named Lionheart Astro, introduced in 2016, who supports nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations to realize their mission. Championing a character or mascot is very important for every brand. Lionheart Astro comes with a bold voice, courage, and a golden heart. He is the guide to all things nonprofit,, and the community around it.

Einstein, The Genius

Einstein represents Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is an integrated set of AI technologies that makes Customer 360 smarter and brings AI to trailblazers everywhere. 

Brandy, The Marketer

Brandy is a fox, another important character introduced in August 2021. She represents all of us marketers in this ecosystem. Brandy helps to get the best out of challenges, experiences, and journeys regarding marketing with Salesforce. Brandy helps marketers to make amazing customer experiences and helps to maintain long-term customer relationships. 

She personifies the trust and can-do attitude of Trailblazers. Her large ears symbolize the listening capability of any marketer. Brandy adapts with ease and agility to changes in new surroundings. Brandy knows when and where to deliver the content and experiences your customers are looking for. She is a courageous, resourceful, and experienced journey traveler. She knows how to get the most from every stop she makes along the way. She is always on the move toward her next goal or challenge. 


Appy is a newer character in this family. She looks like a girl-guide cat with glasses. Appy is focused on forging relationships. She knows a lot about Salesforce and all of you in this ecosystem. 


Codey is a big cuddly bear who loves coding. He is an inspiration to builders, makers, and developers. 


This family member personifies as a white mountain goat. He is associated with innovative app builders. 


She is a character who loves teamwork. She is faithful, nurturing, intelligent, and trustworthy. She is a born leader who knows something about safely navigating the wild. She can jump over obstacles, move around barriers, and shows the path forward. She represents the consultants who help clients achieve business transformation and success.

Hootie, The Owl

Hootie is eager to assist the developers in developing skills, obtaining qualifications, and pursuing the ideal vocation. He is well-known for being smart and dependable and believes that with forethought and research, developers can achieve anything. 

Earnie, The Badger

Earnie is the one who wants to collect all badges on Trailhead. 

Koa The Dog

Koa is really cute, like a loyal golden retriever. 

Max, The Mule

Max is the integration one-shop animal. This character was invented after the acquisition of Mulesoft. 

Meta The Moose

He personifies the Engineering Architect. So he remains busy always and can’t be seen so often. 

Ruth, The Architect

Ruth, the elephant, personifies the fact that they tend to be friendly and have excellent memories.


Genie makes it easy for businesses to make sense of all their data from any system, channel, or data stream. Genie is a newly added member to the family, announced at Dreamforce 2022. It is a hyper-scale, real-time data platform that turns data into customer magic. Genie funnels an almost infinite amount of dynamic data to Customer 360 in real-time.

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