A Salesforce Implementation Partner is the best option to start with Salesforce immediately. If you are already running a Salesforce instance in your organization and looking for upgradation or want to set up an implementation process from scratch, organizations will probably need the expertise of a Salesforce Implementation Partner. This CRM brand is considered the #1 CRM worldwide, and it has a user-friendly interface. But it is highly recommended to hire a reputed implementation and consulting partner like CloudVandana to experience most of the benefits. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss five mistakes that organizations should avoid while hiring an Implementation Partner. 

As Salesforce is adopted worldwide, the consulting partner network has been growing, ranging from individual consultants to global partner firms, offering extensive expertise across Salesforce products and third-party apps. Organizations should consider hiring the best-suited partner for them. Let’s discuss the five key mistakes that organizations should avoid-

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Salesforce Implementation Partner

1. Lack Of Salesforce Knowledge

While hiring a Salesforce Implementation Partner, organizations should have basic capabilities of the Salesforce platform. Additionally, to hire the partner best suited for your business domain, organizations should go through primary research about the partner to check their past performance. It will also help them with a clear understanding of their skillsets and expertise. 

2. Ignoring The Business Pain Points

Organizations should not ignore the pain points of their customers and the business. To achieve business goals faster, businesses should focus on the pain points first and try to solve the problems with best practices. Without this evaluation, organizations will not be able to utilize the CRM system effectively, leading to only waste of money and time. Organizations should have a clear perception of their business objectives, budget constraints, partnership model, and stakeholders of their projects and define the roles played by the reputed partner. 

3. Prioritizing Price Over Quality

Most of the time, organizations go for a low-cost alternative due to budget constraints. This leads to a higher running cost, longer deployment time, and sometimes project failure. Sometimes organizations may only go for developers as an alternative. But this practice may lead to lower adoption by the end users. So it is always recommended to work with a Certified Implementation Consultant, which seems to be a high-cost option but beneficial in the long run with a higher success rate. 

4. Not Looking Long Term

Most organizations have a misconception that their engagement with their implementation partner finishes with the deployment of the projects. The projects enter a phase post-deployment where the support of an expert is very much needed to drive user adoption of the platform. Organizations should make sure that the platform is configured correctly after each release and troubleshoot all solution-related issues. A trusted partner can efficiently build up a strong and long-term relationship with clients to enhance the brand. 

5. Underestimating Reviews

The independent review platform provides an unbiased client opinion. So organizations should visit those review sections very well for a better understanding of the company profile. So organizations should not underestimate the reviews while selecting the implementation partner for their organization. 

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