A web developer is a person or programmer who develops web applications using a client-server model. The applications generally use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the client, PHP, Python, Node.js, or Java in the server, and communications between client and server. A web developer specializes in client-side applications, server-side applications, or both. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the top must-have skills of experienced web developers. 

HTMI5 and CSS3 Markup

HTML and CSS  are the rudimentary building blocks of web coding and user-facing features. 

Without HTML and CSS, a basic layout structure and website structure cannot be formed, resulting in a white screen and normal text. With HTML and CSS, entry-level developers are prepared to create basic static websites with a semi-pleasing user interface. 


JavaScript allows developers to control and create maps that update in real-time, interactive films, and various online games. With the help of this framework, developers can create updatable and responsive websites. 

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, Ember, Backbone, and ReactJS provide web development teams with a clear structure to the entirety of the JS code. This accelerates development while optimizing user responsiveness and UI interactivity. 

Front-End Frameworks

CSS and front-end frameworks such as bootstrap can be used as jumping-off points for faster coding, just like JavaScript frameworks do for JS. 

Expertise In CSS Preprocessors

Preprocessors such as SAAS and LESS can speed up CSS coding by optimizing functionality, format, and scalability.

Familiarity With RESTful Services and APIs

REST is a lightweight architecture that drastically reduces network communication on the web, while RESTful services and APIs are the web services that communicate with the corresponding REST architecture. 

These are the key skills that organizations should consider while hiring web developers. Are you looking for remote web developers? CloudVandana provides a huge talent pool of skilled web developers that organizations can hire to enhance their business. Please feel free to take a free consultation call with CloudVandana and stay one step ahead of the competitors. 

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