Salesforce Field Service is a product that connects customers, workforce, and effects on a single integrated platform to deliver a unique on-site service. In addition, the platform enables the users to handle customer records and data within Salesforce

It was formerly known as Field Service Lightning(FSL), but the main objective of this platform remains the same. It is Salesforce’s field service solution and an onsite job management platform with collaborative functionalities. 

This platform was launched in 2016 and quickly became the fastest-growing product in the Salesforce stack. In addition, it can maintain both customer and employee experience in an organized way. 

Salesforce Field Service can create solutions for every business need. Let’s have a look at the top features of Salesforce Field Services. 

Features Of Salesforce Field Services

1. Seamless Meeting Scheduling

The field scheduling lightning console will help the users visualize the workforce by clicking a button. This feature enables the user to optimize scheduling depending on the users’ ability to perform. Users can customize as per the requirement. 

2. Work Order Administration

Field service processes can be streamlined with Salesforce Field Service Lightning to manage work orders efficiently. This feature allows the users to see accounts and verify the requirements. In addition, users can link this feature with invoicing process for a successful payment procedure and work order. 

3. Mobile Accessibility

This field service offers a mobile feature that allows users to maintain constant communication and real-time access to all the required information. All the people related to the system, like contractors and technicians, should download the mobile app to better control the team. 

4. Inventory Management

With the help of Field Service Lightning, users can control the inventory and keep the entire team notified of all stock available. Product management allows the users to know the tools equipment available per project. Inventory control is a unique feature to analyze revenue as a sales tool.  

5. AI Powered Identification

Salesforce Einstein’s vision allows the employees to utilize mobile identity to quickly identify assets and details in images. With these details, experts can select the proper steps to deliver better services. 

Benefits Of Salesforce Field Services

We have already discussed the main features of Salesforce Field Services. Now let’s have a look at the other benefits of this platform. 

Increased Employee Efficiency

It helps the experts be more impressive and utilize the time with scheduled optimization. In addition, employees can be more engaged and flexible using their mobile phones. So the work orders can be modified anytime. 

Enhanced Communication

Communication is essential for field service business. The data shifting process needs to be handled correctly to fulfill the customers’ requirements. Customer support is offered through various channels. Effective communication simplifies the field service management services. 

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