Discover the essential tips and tricks for setting up person accounts in Salesforce. In this article, CloudVandana will describe how you can tackle the process smoothly and efficiently. 

Person Accounts In Salesforce

Person accounts store information about individual people by combining certain account and contact fields into one record. Setting up person accounts in Salesforce can be a complex process, but with the right knowledge and tips, it doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn the basics of how to set up person accounts in Salesforce using this comprehensive guide.

Choose the Appropriate Tool

When setting up person accounts in Salesforce, it’s important to choose the best tool for the job. A combination of Lightning Data and Process Builder is your best option when creating records, tasks, and updating fields. Use these two tools together to ensure that your person account setup process is smooth and efficient.

Establish a Governance Model

To make your account setup process successful, it’s essential to create a governance model. A governance model outlines who is responsible for creating person accounts and why. This also provides a clear process for setting up the record, assigning roles, editing/deactivating records, and more. Establishing a strong governance model from the start will ensure that your account setup process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Plan Ahead: Consider Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations

Consider connecting your Salesforce instance to a third-party Single Sign-On (SSO) service such as Okta or Ping Identity. Having a secure SSO integration will help eliminate the extra step of manually creating new user accounts, granting quick access to important resources and applications. When setting up your SSO integration, define which authentication methods and settings you want to use. This way, users only need one set of credentials to log in.

Leverage Reports and Dashboards to Monitor Performance and Security Risk

Reports and dashboards give you valuable insights into the performance of your person accounts while also highlighting potential security risks. Reports allow you to detect trends and spot vulnerabilities quickly so you can address them before they become a problem. They can be used to monitor user activity, track changes to user permissions, and identify failed attempts to access restricted areas. With dashboards, you can easily get a high-level overview of your Salesforce person accounts performance–including login frequency, number of users with active logins, and more.

Set Up Automated Notifications for Account Management

Automated notifications are a great way to monitor your personal accounts. By setting up automated notifications, you can get notified when accounts have been changed or modified, when users log in or out of the platform, and more. You can set up these alerts to be sent by email or SMS so that you know exactly when changes have been made to your account. This helps ensure any abnormal user activity is quickly identified and addressed.

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