Resource augmentation or staff augmentation is a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing strategy. The resource augmentation model hires tech talent globally from a third party on a contract basis for specific business needs or project requirements. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss resource augmentation and its five key benefits. 

Businesses across the globe are trying hard to meet high-tech client requirements to maintain long-term relationships and provide them with a seamless experience. Resource augmentation is an excellent way and new approach to enhancing this service. 

Resource Augmentation

With the help of correct strategy resource augmentation, organizations can stay ahead with the expanding online competition. The knowledge and expertise of augmented resources help organizations overcome major challenges and make the deployment process faster. 

Companies that use this outsourcing process generally hire IT talent from a third party on a contractual basis based on the project requirements. Augmented resources efficiently fulfill the project requirements for organizations of every size. Through this process, companies can hire the right talent immediately without any work gap. They just need to make a contract with a reputed Augmentation firm like CloudVandana, and they will handle the rest part without any hassle. 

The newly hired team generally works remotely, but they can work in the preferred timezone of their clients without any geographical barrier. So organizations do not need to go through a lengthy hiring process. So, both time and cost can be saved. 

Framework For Resource Augmentation

Before going for resource augmentation, organizations should determine the business needs, determine the number of employees needed to complete the project, and the expertise required for successful completion. It is required to letting the new team members know about the culture and work process of the organization to get a better result. Consistent encouragement and nurturing are required to motivate newly hired team members. 


1. Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-effectiveness is an essential factor in choosing this augmentation model. The traditional process includes various costs like hiring, training, operations, salary, benefits, etc. These costs can’t be reduced even when there are no active projects. But with this hiring model, organizations need to pay for the services they are getting. 

2. Enhanced Flexibility And Scalability

The model provides enhanced flexibility and scalability. Through this model, organizations can bid on projects of different sizes, sectors, and types. The flexibility and adaptability that the companies get from resource augmentation can help them expand their service network. Organizations can remove or add resources based on their project requirement, which helps them to scale their business better. 

3. Quality Talent

Finding the right and experienced talent is a time-consuming process. Augmentation service providers have better access to a global talent pool, so they can help organizations with the global talent pool of resources. 

4. Better Control Over The Team

Companies can easily control extended team members. They can easily track the pace and quality of every stage whenever required.  

5. Resources On-Demand

Organizations can hire skilled resources best suited for their business. They do not need to spend long hours searching for the right candidates. They can hire the resources at any time, whenever required, for better productivity and maintain the skill gap that the in-house team members can’t perform. 

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