Make a great first impression with a welcome campaign in Pardot. This comprehensive guide covers everything from strategy to execution. In marketing automation, emails are the best way to target your prospects as per their activities on your marketing asset, you can trigger relevant, personalized emails for each prospect based on their action.

For example, when a prospect signs up for a blog newsletter, the action of signing up triggers a welcome email and after that you can start a journey program with them.

Follow these steps to create a Welcome Journey program for new subscribers.

Step 1, add a competition action on form, choose action add to List, and select a list for the subscriber which you want to add after fill-up the form.

Here you can check the Screenshot of Completion Action

Note, this process will add prospects to the list when they fill-up the form.

Step 2, Now, create an Engagement Program and select that list as a Recipient list in the program.


  • Suppression List: This will allow you to add those prospects list which you do not want to include in your journey.
  • Send email during business hours allows you to send emails on specific times or you can skip that part.
  • Allow prospects to enter the program more, this option will allow prospects to re-enter into that program if they exist by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

Here you can check the screenshot of the Welcome Journey Program

Note: You can add as many actions, triggers, and rules in your program as per your needs.

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