Salesforce adoption is the simple act of enabling a user to use SFDC’s full CRM capabilities by creating various strategies around onboarding, training, and continued development. It is not another empty metric for organizations and not as easy as it sounds.

The process of Salesforce adoption strategy creation time consuming, complex, and in some cases, leads to low ROI. However, various adoption strategies can help to find a better ROI. As a result, as per a report by Salesforce, Salesforce implementation increases the sales rate by 26% and sales revenue y 28 %.

How ROI Depends On The Salesforce Adoption

The best part of the Salesforce adoption strategy is that it helps the users to get started right away, irrespective of their standing point in the journey. So no matter if the user is new or using Salesforce for a long time, the adoption process would be reasonably similar. Salesforce always provides a total ROI if the CRM is implemented correctly, but to maximize the ROI, Salesforce admins need to follow a proper Salesforce adoption strategy. 

5 Best Salesforce Adoption Strategies

Following are a few must-have strategies for an enhanced ROI.

1. Leadership

Leaders should understand the change and adopt them. If they can’t assume the new system, it will be difficult to expect a better result from the employees. So, support from the influential senior-level team members is the best way to employ the adoption strategies. This will work as a motivation among the team members. Leaders can guide the team members to start conversations in Chatter, sharing reports and insights by analytics, regularly reviewing Salesforce adoption metrics, etc. 

2. Learn From The End-Users

Understanding the end-users is the first and most crucial step of Salesforce Adoption. It empowers them to do their jobs in an enhanced way with Salesforce. 

Leaders need to make the team understand the solutions that Salesforce will provide to face the challenges before the migration process. Employees should understand the benefits of this tool to overcome the common problems they meet all the time. Feedback of the employees will help the Salesforce admin to offer a more customized Salesforce Solution. This leads to more adoption. In addition, admins can demonstrate the specific functionalities of this CRM platform to particular individuals or departments. For example, if the sales team uses LinkedIn for lead generation, Salesforce admin can emphasize the training for LinkedIn integration that pulls leads directly into Salesforce

3. Training Program

Organizations should arrange a training program by breaking training into easier-to-digest segments. First, the training should slowly focus on all the areas, including basic knowledge, managing individual accounts, and navigating the Salesforce menu in a segmented manner. Then the advanced training can be provided based on the profile and duties of the team members. 

An additional or follow-up training should be given to the employees for better adoption. 

4. Point The Disadvantages To Not Using Salesforce

Admins or team leaders should highlight the challenges if the team fails to adopt Salesforce. It is considered as the motivation technique. Admins can use Salesforce for essential tasks so that employees who do not use the system risk missing out on important information. 

Following are a few ways to encourage the use of Salesforce.

  • All performances should be managed through Salesforce dashboards to encourage the users.
  • Communication can be done only through Salesforce Chatter for better adoption.
  • Meetings can be scheduled in the Salesforce calendar. 
  • Third-Party integrations can be used that tie user back to Salesforce. 

5. Identify Automation Opportunities

Employees lose their enthusiasm by doing repetitive, low-value tasks. If they get accustomed to the automation process of Salesforce, their productivity will increase, leaving repetitive tasks on Salesforce. For example, the Sales team can focus on lead generation and lead nurturing, leaving tasks like quotation making, follow-up processes on automation. So the conversion rate increases. 

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