Salesforce has been recognized as the #1 CRM software provider globally. It is a single integrated solution for every kind of business needs. Today’s businesses are totally dependent on Salesforce apps. Before the smartphone era, phones were manufactured with very few basic features like contact storage and calling facility. But eventually, the mobile phone became a full-fledged platform for every kind of need at just a fingertip away. Today mobile phones can do banking work, play videos or movies, and do every kind of work as required with the help of different apps or applications. Similar to the smartphone, Salesforce’s universe has its own galaxy of apps designed to enrich the core CRM products. Every kind of solution is in a single integrated platform.

Salesforce knew that businesses would need more than a CRM. To make use of all the information collected in the database, different apps were required to perform. Thus the Salesforce AppExchange was introduced. It is a marketplace of business-to-business apps, that can plug into Salesforce to boost the usage of CRM.

There are more than 3000 Salesforce apps. Being a registered Salesforce Partner, CloudVandana is providing a list of Top 8 Salesforce Apps.



3. Zoominfo

4.BOFC (Bulk ObjectField Creator)

5. Duplicate Check

6. OneCause

7. Vocus

8.Campaign Calendar

The AppExchange is an overwhelming place, with thousands of Salesforce apps, so one should select the apps depending on the business needs. Like NGOs can select SALSA, it is an app that helps in Fundraising support. On the other hand, e-commerce industries can implement Mogli SMS to their system as it is one of the best apps for mobile messaging. They can send the best deals on the discount campaign through this app. 

Here is a brief description of above mentioned 8 Salesforce Apps.


Mailchimp is a Salesforce contact list synchronizing and Mass Email app. It proves a solution that allows the user to segment data inside Salesforce into the selectively targeted list. By syncing Mailchimp and Salesforce, a user can access Mailchimp’s marketing tools, view campaign status, and subscribers’ history, manage contacts and subscribers, etc. The user only needs to set the syncing criteria inside of Salesforce and tie it to an existing Mailchimp list. Mailchimp automatically pulls all contacts from Salesforce that match the sync criteria. This automation happens once a day. As of edition, Mailchimp is available for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance.


PhoneIQ is Salesforce’s Phone Integration App. If any organization needs to perform a lot of cold calls or plenty of outbound calls to clients or prospects, this app will definitely enhance the organization’s needs. Through this app, a user can call directly from Salesforce, and have that activity be immediately captured. A user can create a customized call list and power dial from one contact to another. This telephony app delivers fully integrated voice, video, and messaging services across desktop and mobile devices. This app also gives a hold to the user of call logging, disposition codes, tags, click-to-dial, screen pop, auto-dialing, and many more. The inbound calls can be captured. The best part is that it is a cloud-based setup so does not require any complex setup. 

This app is available for professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance editions and does not require additional system add-ons.

3. ZoomInfo

Zoominfo is a Salesforce Sales intelligence app. Sales intelligence is a critical part of the success of using a platform like Salesforce. Zoominfo allows the user to search for any contact or company and quickly add that information to the Salesforce database. The user can also update and refresh the existing contacts or accounts. This app is available for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited editions and does not have additional system requirements. The ZoomInfo integration with Salesforce requires a separate Salesforce REST API automated data Enrichment. REST API access to only required for automated Enrich.

4.BOFC (Bulk Object Field Creator)

BOFC app is designed for admins that must perform functions in bulk. Up to 200 fields can be added at a time to a form. Data analysis of which are most or least used in the database. This administration app is available for Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance editions and has no specific system requirements.

5.Duplicate Check

Duplicate check is a Salesforce data cleansing application. Duplicate data is a very common problem for every organization. Despite all efforts to avoid duplicate data from being imported into Salesforce, it still creates discomfort in the data quality and is a time-consuming effort to clean all the duplicates. With the duplicate check app, a user can generate reports so you can view all duplicates at once and duplicates can be auto merged. The user can de-duplicate any other custom objects, beyond the standard contract and company. Duplicate check is compatible with Salesforce Shield and is available for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance editions. This tool has no additional system requirements for integration.


OneCause is the best Salesforce App for Charity Auctions. For nonprofits, the age-old charity auction is a classic fundraising option irrespective of campaign or cause. OneCause reinvents the wheel for auction fundraising by giving organizations access to innovative features. The features include mobile bidding to enable silent auction guests to place and automate bids through their smartphones, online auction capabilities to extend the event fundraising window, etc. This app has been designed with fundraisers in mind, the OneCause product family can revolutionize the auction experience for guests and the nonprofit community. 


Vocus is the est Salesforce Integration for Gmail Outreach. It is an all-in-one solution for Gmail outreach, and it comes with native support for Salesforce. This tool logs all the outgoing messages and emails open statistics. The tool handles a variety of tasks like regular emails, emails from automated follow-ups, and mail merge emails. Vocus can help the users by finding email and validate the email address, send tracked emails, schedule automated follow-ups and reminders, and meeting scheduling and coordination. It is a must-have tool for all email outreach needs.

8. Campaign Calendar

Campaign Calendar is the best Salesforce App for Campaign Management. It helps the organizations that trust Salesforce to manage their marketing campaigns. It is the most effective tool for tracking projects. Campaign Calendar helps users to visualize the various marketing initiatives in an organized place. It also filters through campaigns based on existing lists and shares a centralized schedule of upcoming tasks with the entire organization. 

Every company manages the campaign in a unique way, users have plenty of customization options to choose from Campaign Calendar.

There are other important Salesforce Appexchange apps Please have a look into their functions.

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