Salesforce, the #1 CRM brand globally, has introduced new Salesforce Customer 360 innovations to provide the enterprise with powerful automation and intelligence technologies. This will drive efficient growth and deliver personalised customer experience at scale, helping customers do much more with less effort. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will give an overview of Salesforce Customer 360 innovations. 

According to Salesforce, automating manual tasks help businesses to provide better customer experiences. Almost 90% of organisations say they need automation technology, but around 23% have implemented it across business functions. So, to enhance their customer journey, those organisations need more automated and intelligent processes. 

Benefits Of Salesforce Customer 360 Innovations

Intelligence and automation technology can benefit every kind of business. With innovations, sales teams can use bots to solve customer problems immediately and close deals faster. Better service and productivity can be achieved by automating all the tedious and manual processes. Marketers can automate the processes across various channels for a better and more immediate response to customers. So the rate of satisfied customers increases with the help of AI-powered bots. So the process becomes faster to deliver any product or service into the hands of customers. 

David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer of Salesforce, stated that“In times of uncertainty, it’s critical for companies to focus on greater intelligence and efficiency while staying flexible and resilient to external pressures and changes in customer expectations,” said David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce. “With Salesforce Customer 360, businesses can automate to save time and money so they can spend their valuable resources on what matters: driving intelligent and personalized customer and employee experiences.”

The solution provides end-to-end automation and artificial intelligence on a low code. It can connect data across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more so that companies can customize and personalize every interaction and drive enhanced growth. 

Product Information

Sales Cloud Innovations

The sales team needs such a technology that can help them to be more productive and close deals faster. Sales teams can generate more qualified leads and increase sales with Einstein Bot, which helps representatives to avoid repetitive manual tasks and close deals fast. Enablement automatically tracks achievement milestones and delivers training programs ensuring that the representatives can skill up faster. 

Service Cloud Innovations

With Service Cloud’s next-generation Contact Center solution, organizations can benefit from real-time data to deliver proactive and personalized service across various channels. It can improve agent productivity and efficiency with a unified agent desktop across all channels and AI-powered recommendations. Pre-built experiences for service enable companies to drive increased productivity and cost savings with automation. 

Marketing Cloud Innovations

Account engagement API Enhancements allow B2B marketing and sales teams to work more efficiently together to grow the pipeline and drive efficiencies in reduced costs with a more flexible and scalable API that enables new integrations. So, marketers can now create and share segments with CDP and activate engagement across various channels using Salesforce and third-party platforms. 

Commerce Cloud Innovations

With Commerce Cloud’s new Composable Storefront, retailers can take a headless approach to commerce while offloading the management of site hosting, security, and scalability. This allows them to create and deliver flexible, custom commerce experiences to any device or application without any expensive architecture. 

With Salesforce, companies can go faster with flexible and automated technology for every business need. 

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