Salesforce Data Studio is a platform where consumer, data owners, and buyers connect directly, creating new marketing opportunities for audiences.Gaining new audiences should be the main aim in the field of marketing. The traditional ways of finding new customers are not cost-friendly and are very complex. Most of the traditional ways of acquiring new customers are not designed for good results for marketers. Collecting data is difficult without the help of middlemen. There should be some better way for this.

This is where the importance of Salesforce Data Studio is understood. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides us with analytics software and services and digital marketing. Marketing Cloud was founded in 2000 under the name ExactTarget. Data Studio is a tool where we can do reporting and a free tool to be used.

Salesforce Data Studio is the leading data-sharing platform on the market. It is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Data Studio helps companies discover new Audiences by allowing data buyers and creators to connect and create marketing opportunities. Salesforce Data Studio serves both buyers and creators.

Salesforce Data Studio is a transparent and self-service platform where consumer data owners and buyers connect directly. Data Studio(Data Sharing) is the number one solution in Salesforce for audience discovery, data acquisition, and data provisioning. Data Studio features the world’s largest premium data ecosystem.

With the help of Data, Studio marketers can discover and create high-quality audiences. It also helps to monetize your data with complete transparency and control over it, increasing the revenue for data owners. Using Data Studio, we can ensure that your data is protected and provision it at scale to trusted partners with data governance.

Benefits of Salesforce Data Studio

Expand the reach of the Audience:  Salesforce Data Studio helps marketers to pull out the perceptions of existing customers with the latest audience discovery tools. Salesforce Data Studio incorporates over 200 activation channels, which help marketers to reach new audiences easily.

Authority on your data: Salesforce Data Studio is the only platform that direct data deals with big dealers.Salesforce Data Studio’s provisioning tools are generated by real data rights management and the convenient  reporting and management tools automatically follow with new regulations.

Increase revenue: Salesforce Data Studio helps the sellers to get exposed to it’s most profitable set of partners. Sellers can use the tools to share their data directly. Since there is no middlemen involved there will be an undoubtful increase in revenue.

What Is Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free tool Google used to make personalized reports with data from Google’s Marketing services and external services. Google Data Studio was started as a part of the enterprise Google Analytics 360 suite. Google data studio turns the data into informative easy to use, easy to share.

If an organization uses the Salesforce Marketing cloud for marketing automation and  Google Data Studio for reporting and analysis, how to get data from the Marketing cloud to the data studio if needed?

How to integrate Marketing Cloud with Google Data Studio.

Depending on how much data to export from the marketing cloud or how often you need to update reports in a data studio, we can decide on two solutions.

Uploading and Exporting Data from Marketing Cloud.

Manual Export of your relevant data from the marketing cloud requires a shallow lift connection. This option requires low ongoing maintenance, but the disadvantage is that it is less flexible. The two possible ways to export relevant data from Marketing Cloud are

*Use an automated CSV export which can be accessed using FTP.

*For more flexibility and control over the exported data, we use Marketing Cloud APIs to Export.

Since this is a manual method, we cannot do any automated uploads on a schedule, but we can perform the export process.

Connection Service usage

We can find many third-party services that offer marketing cloud to Data studio connectors already created in the market. To use this kind of connection, there is no need for any additional development on your organization’s side. In addition, this offers some features to help in replication which will be difficult in manual Export discussed above.

Custom Built Connection Solution

A customized development upfront is needed with periodic updates and maintenance to create a personalized connection for your organization. A personalized link is most important to have high strength and flexibility.

The primary data source for Data studio reports and Dashboards is the Salesforce database. Using SQL queries, we can pull out specific data and use data from the existing accounts.

Making a correct balance between Marketing Automation data accessible and controlling the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a little tricky. However, many third-party services offer secure processing, including Panoply, Skyvia, and Hevo. Connecting to these services within a few minutes makes it possible to create a secure copy of your data that can be sent to your favorite business intelligence tool. By using these services, your data stays safe, and your team can create reports and dashboards.

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