Salesforce Elevate was launched in 2020 to manage the new functionalities and make changes to the product in order to enable nonprofits to focus on their missing leaving the repetitive administrative tasks on Salesforce. 

Elevate is presently available to United States-based organizations that integrate with payments and fundraising activities to improve the team’s donation experience. Elevate was introduced to manage the organization’s donations and fundraising technology. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the functionalities of Salesforce Elevate for fundraising in nonprofits. Let’s have a look at the key functionalities-

1. Seamless Fundraising Process

Elevate works seamlessly for both online and offline fundraising processes. It accepts and manages all types of gifts and seamlessly works with Nonprofit Success Pack’s recurring donation solution. 

This platform allows donors to specify the fund or program they are interested in. In addition, it supports a variety of payment options for a successful checkout option on donation pages. It also provides the opportunity to donors to offset the cost of the transaction fee that the organization might require to pay. 

2. Reduce Administrative tasks

Elevate comes with a Salesforce connector that can handle all kinds of the heavy lifting of data exchange. This enables the nonprofits to run more effectively, giving the team to focus on the mission.

It quickly launches on-brand, mobile-ready donations that include custom field addition, various addition, various pre-built templates are available to acknowledge receipt of gifts. However, this functionality is presently limited to US donors.

Why Adopt Salesforce Elevate

The platform allows organizations to efficiently perform the technology stack while creating a first-class digital experience for the donors. The team can quickly identify the top-performing donation pages and push data into Elevate, allowing the administrator to see what’s working and what’s not all in a single place. 

Salesforce has given an overview of this product, and there are a lot of new features that will be soon added to this platform. There will be an ability to add multiple designations to a gift, expansion of UX/UI capabilities on donation pages, the addition of many more payment options, and the ability to pause the recurring gifts.

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