Salesforce provides a wide range of CRM(customer relationship management) to every industry. For real estate businesses, Salesforce provides a perfect CRM application to track clients,  manage minute details, and even market listing. So the agents, brokers, and developers can easily track every detail of managing clients, contracts and can concentrate on closing the deals through Salesforce.

Customer Relationship Challenges in Real Estate

Real estate agents need to handle multiple listings and clients at the same time. They need to understand the requirements, contexts, and preferences of each and every client and need to provide a personalized, negotiated solution and close the deal. Previously these works were done in the written format on the papers. But they faced some real challenges in using these traditional and rather outmoded tools. Their lead generation and customer relationship management got affected. As the information is scattered and recorded in disparate places, there is no end-to-end visibility. So the agents cannot get a full view of the database. This old format is also time taken, especially for complex client requirements.

It is very difficult to separate the database of the property which is on hold and which is present. The agent faces a lot of challenges before presenting the data to a customer in a proper way. The other challenges for the agents are to track leads, work processes, and inquiry status. 

In today’s day and age, customers want to get in touch with different communication channels including social media, blogs, etc. To proceed with communication with different people in different channels, maintaining the same consistency is also a complex task. This adds further complexity to CRM, Marketing, and Sales. So there are further chances of data being dissolved.

A real estate agent plays a very important role to maintain strong relationships with buyers, sellers, and brokers. When a deal is closed, then also the agent needs to maintain a strong relationship with the client to get future assignments or collaboration. With the old method of maintaining a business, they may not be able to be in touch with such clients regularly.

Salesforce is Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry

Salesforce CRM is a complete solution for all those challenges. It is the most effective and comprehensive tool that integrates sales and marketing data, including client history, referrals, leads from different sources, etc. Salesforce brings multiple channels and communication in a centralized database. Registered Salesforce partners like CloudVandana can implement these systems for any real estate firm and can assure that every information and data will be intact.

Time is considered as money. Salesforce Real Estate CRM is equipped with cloud functionalities and intelligent automation, to minimize response time to leads and clients. Agents can access information anytime remotely from the centralized database. Through Real Estate CRM, agents can do a map search and parameter search of all properties and can send the required information to customers. With the help of Intelligent Automation in Salesforce, agents or the Real Estate firm can assure that no communication or query is missed. A custom automated message goes to every client for each and every query that their query has been received, then it becomes easier for the agents to follow-up the queries with a quick response. Automated tools manage maximum works like reminders, feedback, referrals, message personalization, etc. As a result, the demand for an agent’s attention can be reduced. Live tracking of agents’ locations can also be made through the Salesforce Platform. In the Real Estate industry, there are larger sales processes involved. So the leads need to be nurtured to be converted into valuable clients. These steps are time-consuming. If the transaction falls through at the last minute, the agent will suffer. With the help of CRM analytics, real estate agents can effectively understand the reason behind a client’s drop-off or the client is interested in future investment.

To gain a strategic and competitive advantage, Real Estate Companies need to implement Salesforce Real Estate CRM. It also provides efficiency, agility, speed, and flexibility to the Companies. CloudVandana can enhance lead conversion, sales, and revenues by implementing Salesforce Real Estate CRM.

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