Salesforce has ranked the #1CRM provider worldwide for the last nine years, and this time also, this customer relationship management solution has won the crown as #1 by International Data Corporation(IDC) in its latest Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker. 

Salesforce helps you go deeper with all your metrics and data; you could also set up a dashboard that showcases your data visually. In addition, users can also have personalized outreach with automation. Another significant benefit is that salesforce can improve customer service’s ability to help customers or a sales team’s outreach efforts. So the platform definitely deserves the #1 position in the CRM industry. 

As per Salesforce, “To be recognized as the #1 CRM by IDC is an honor and a testament to Salesforce’s commitment to making it easy for companies to deliver trusted customer experiences,” said Bill Patterson, EVP & GM, CRM Applications, Salesforce. “By delivering technology that drives automation and cost savings, our customers are able to save time and money while focusing on building strong, meaningful relationships with their customers.”

So, Salesforce continues to lead in the CRM industry. Additionally, it is growing its overall market share position and increasing revenue year over year in CRM. The data shows Salesforce with leading market share in IDC’s segments for sales applications, customer service applications, marketing applications, model-driven application platforms, and enterprise community applications 

idc crm data

In addition to being the #1 CRM provider worldwide, Salesforce is also the #1 market share leader for CRM in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific (including Japan).

Let’s have a quick look at the top five benefits of this platform. 

The Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce 

1. Time Management

It is one of the most important benefits of this platform to help businesses to grow and thrive. Customers can have every information in one place. The sales team can easily streamline the sales funnel so that leads can be quickly transformed into customers. 

2. Easy Accessibility

Salesforce is a cloud-based solution, so users can access it from anywhere with the help of the internet. The App is well-optimized for any device. It is a very secure platform, so sensitive information is more secure than on a local server. 

3. Enhanced Revenue

Salesforce helps organizations to save their operational cost and increase revenues. 

Without Salesforce, you’re most likely sorting through this data manually, so more time needs to be spent on administrative work as opposed to building customer relationships. 

4. More Satisfied Customers

Salesforce has the ability to provide the best solution to its customers based on their needs. So a personalized and customized solution can be provided for better satisfaction. An efficient management system can serve the customers better, which leads to more satisfied customers. The benefits not only improve the relationship with the existing customers but also with new customers. 

5. Enhanced Team Collaboration

Team- collaboration is another major benefit of Salesforce. The platform provides users to connect and communicate with team members through Salesforce ‘’Chatter’’ feature. So the individual team members or the team can connect anytime to discuss any information. When the team is on the same page, businesses become more cohesive and efficient. So deadlines can be met and deals can be closed faster. 

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