The Salesforce Composable Storefront is a customizable, digital headless storefront that provides retailers with the flexibility and agility to make any changes to their site to increase basket size, conversions, and sales with decreased costs. 

In this blog, CloudVandana, the reputed Salesforce partner in India, will discuss an overview of this new innovation. 

The contribution of headless commerce with the addition of a storefront has been adopted by numerous digital businesses, and several are already in the process of implementing headless commerce as a part of their core business. Salesforce has introduced pre-built packages specially created for headless implementations and offered several use cases with commerce partners. This includes best-in-class integrations, pricing, and implementation accelerators across the ecosystem. 

Salesforce is the latest mega platform to embrace MACH mania, announcing its new composable Storefront-a fully customizable and headless digital storefront that helps online retailers to make site changes with the speed and flexibility needed to increase sales, conversions, and basket size while helping to drive down costs. 

Let’s jump into the details to understand more about this innovation to stand out from the competition. 

Headless Capabilities

Retailers need adaptable and flexible commerce sites to keep up with rapidly evolving customer preferences. It is a key game-changer for making omnichannel a reality for retailers. It effectively separates the front-end and back-end of an e-commerce solution, helping brands to quickly and affordably customize digital storefronts without disrupting the shopping experience. 

According to the latest statistics, retailers invest more in headless commerce to drive more revenues. “With customers expecting both engaging and seamless e-commerce experiences, headless architecture can help online retailers build and implement site changes with speed and agility,” said Scot Gillespie, GM of Commerce Cloud. “Salesforce’s Composable Storefront is a secure, trusted platform that empowers users to leverage headless while accelerating time to market and reducing costs.”

Composable Storefront

With the help of Composable Storefront, Commerce Cloud customers can implement complex development issues. Using the progressive web app(PWA) technology, businesses can boost storefront performance and engagement with a fast, app-like site experience. It decreases page load time and decreases disruption for online shoppers.

Using the various packages offered by this platform, brands can easily build composable and engaging experiences with advanced search and content. This helps to reduce time spent on vendors, negotiating prices, and building custom integrations. In addition, this platform provides the ability to ship new features and updates daily with 60-second deployments. This practice helps to eliminate risk, giving developers the flexibility to execute and add new features at any time. 

As more channels are entering the mix, consumers are looking for the easiest paths to shop and purchase online. An efficient digital experience leads to more sales and a robust, integrated, and easy-to-manage platform, fulfilling the needs of a modern digital commerce program. 

With the endless support of Salesforce, enterprises can increase their growth into omnichannel strategies and leverage the capabilities of the ecosystem. 

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