Salesforce has announced that the platform will focus more on workforce development at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. As per this leading CRM brand, the demand for talent will grow to 9.3 million new jobs by 2026. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the innovation ‘Hire Me’ button to empower Trailblazers. 


This #1 CRM has plans to introduce innovations to their Profile and a multi-year commitment to help 20000 new trailblazers in the ecosystem. The profile is connected to Trailhead, which empowers more than 4.5 million people to skill up. Among various innovations, the ‘Hire Me’ button promises to help Trailblazers hire and get hired in the Ecosystem. 

Professionals will be able to indicate new work opportunities on their Profile, while hiring managers can simply click on the ‘Hire Me’ button to message and connect with potential candidates. 

“As the demand for Salesforce skills skyrockets, it’s our mission to help empower anyone to build a career within the Salesforce ecosystem,” said Ann Weeby, Salesforce’s new SVP of Trailhead. “The introduction of the Hire Me button will empower Trailblazers to identify as job seekers and to connect with organizations that need their expertise, and to make it easier for hiring managers to connect with potential job candidates.”

In addition, the company has also announced the Trailblazer Workforce Partner Program to help prepare 20,000 new Trailblazers for jobs in the Ecosystem by 2028. This Partner Program will enable more than 500 non-profit, higher education, and workforce development organizations to educate the skills and remove the barriers to joining the technology. 

This CRM platform helps individuals to connect with job opportunities across its ecosystem of partners and customers through the Talent Alliance. The Talent Alliance includes more than 1000 employees committed to hiring from a diverse pool of new talent. Additionally, the platform also continues to grow its Pathfinder Training Program which provides free training to help people launch careers in technology. 

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