Salesforce has recently announced Salesforce Easy, a simplified experience for all businesses of all sizes tapping into the leading CRM system’s technology expertise and best practices over two decades.

This blog is about the new announcement of Salesforce, ‘Salesforce Easy.’ 

In the coming weeks and months, the #1 CRM brand will introduce “Easy products and solutions across marketing, commerce, and analytics. The new setup will enable companies to access a single view of their customers. Advantages include integrations with Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365 identities, a guided onboarding process with streamlined contact uploading, email syncing, and calendar connection, access to quick follow-up cadences, and the ability to market leads through simple email outreach capabilities on a single platform. 

Salesforce Easy

As per this leading CRM brand, every industry faces its challenges. Organizations across the globe are stretched thinner than ever before and more uncertain about the future process. So they need to be more flexible and ready to adapt. So they always wanted a trusted technology partner to guide them forward and help them do more with less. 

This innovation is a new simplified experience for businesses of all sizes. It helps drive businesses forward, tapping into Salesforce’s technology expertise and best practices. 

With this platform, customers get a flexible platform with a robust ecosystem of partner apps and services that helps organizations adapt to whatever challenges are there in the way and always stay connected to their customers to move forward successfully.  

This journey will show a new way for customers to try, buy, and expand on Salesforce, along with a self-service purchasing option that makes it easier and cost-effective to grow with this #1 customer relationship management brand. It is a faster and easier way to manage customer relationships, build an innovative digital experience and gain a complete view of each customer. The signup and setup process is easier than before, and this time, the world’s #1CRM brand is delivering value for all companies of all sizes across the globe. 

Kris Billmaier, SVP, and GM of Salesforce Easy, stated that “We’ve heard overwhelming feedback from our customers that their organizations need to focus and simplify their operations to build resilience and deliver immediate value to their customers. That’s why we are announcing Salesforce Easy — with the swipe of a credit card, SMBs can start seeing results fast, while larger businesses can get up and running quickly with Salesforce and then rapidly scale with the tools they need along their growth journey.” 

The benefits include,

1. Increased Productivity

The integration with Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365 identities makes sign-on faster than ever. A seamless onboarding process helps users quickly understand the ROI with streamlined contact uploading, email syncing, and calendar connection. 

2. Easy To Save Time

The platform provides access to quick follow-up cadences and the capability to market leads through a simple email outreach that brings automation and signals to sellers. So users spend more time creating relationships with customers than inputting data. 

3. Easy To Cut Additional Costs

The capabilities of Sales, service, and email outreach help users reduce costs by providing a single integrated platform, and default Dashboards improve visibility into business growth. 

4. Open Image Modal

The three-click set-up makes it easier and cost-effective to try, buy, and expand on this CRM platform. 

Organizations improved their efficiency and productivity by implementing Salesforce and utilizing all the features in their ecosystem. 

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