Salesforce Loyalty Management is a standalone product that can be integrated into any ecosystem. Loyalty Management helps to create personalized and intelligent engagements for customers powering positive ROI and increasing customer lifetime value. In this blog, CloudVandana will describe The Loyalty programs in general and the capabilities of Loyalty Management. Customers in both B2C and B2B have quickly adopted the new digital scenario where expectations are higher, and switching vendors are just a click away.

Importance Of Customer Loyalty Programme

Loyalty programs are a very important tool to support customers and encourage them to stay connected with organizations and businesses. Rewarding customers in a personalized way will encourage them to have a long-term future relationship with the businesses. Successful loyalty programs in place will make the members take in additional purchases to get even more rewards. This will draw more customers or traffic to the businesses as the loyalty program will work as an earned media that drives referral traffic through word of mouth. 

According to Salesforce, 63% high performing marketers are using loyalty programs. Though construct and managing a loyalty program can be challenging for a few companies as most companies are still using old and outdated methods that fail to deliver the expected results. In addition, these technologies are not compatible with the latest industry trends.

To solve these problems and drive more potential customer loyalty experiences, Salesforce recently introduced Loyalty Management, a new product with lots of features that allows the business to create effective and seamless loyalty programs while powering a positive ROI. 

Loyalty Management Through Salesforce

 Salesforce Loyalty Management was built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, which allows businesses to create a customized intelligent loyalty program enabling flexibility and quick deployment to fit the specific requirements of both B2C and B2B customers across industries. Following are the capabilities of Loyalty Management.

1. End To End Platform

Loyalty management gives the user a customized end-to-end loyalty program to meet all business needs. This interface easily sets up programs, benefits, and currencies. According to the changes the business needs, the platform provides updated loyalty management.

2. Personalized Loyalty Offerings

Loyalty Management allows users to store all customer data in one place, including purchase history, interactions, and website visits, to provide a unified view of the customers. This will help the users to deliver personalized offerings to the customers to make them feel special. 

3. Loyalty Generation With A Single Source Of Truth

Getting the unified customer data is possible only because Loyalty Management is integrated with Salesforce Digital 360, Service Cloud, and Tableau. Users can additionally integrate external systems, like a Customer Data Platform, with integration-ready APIs to connect Loyalty Management to the tech stack. This enables a holistic view of the customer data and a single source of truth where the loyalty experience can be connected to the entire organization. 

4. Measure The ROI Of Your Loyalty Program

Through the Tableau CRM  for Loyalty Management, a user can measure the performance of the program, and promotions, and track engagement, and member acquisition within a single dashboard. Loyalty Management allows the business to adjust programs and paths based on real-time data. 

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