Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an innovative platform offered by Salesforce, the #1CRM brand worldwide. It is a SaaS platform for marketing automation and customer engagement. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a feature-rich platform with capabilities across the marketing domain. It includes-

  • Customer engagement in real-time
  • Social Media engagement, listening, and advertising,
  • Email and marketing automation
  • Customer marketing analytics

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the Salesforce Marketing Cloud best practices. 

Let’s look at the useful tips for Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation Best Practices

1. Proper Planning And Designing

It is advisable to design a roadmap that outlines everything from start-end. From data migration activities into data extensions to running SQL that requires data sets in Automation Studio to outbound Email sending strategies in Journey Builder. 

2. A fixed & Designated Team Meeting

Daily stand-up calls and weekly technical calls with the team handling sensitive data in the Marketing Cloud system. This can also include folks who handle connector settings in Sales Cloud that will be most concerned with mapping fields into Contact Builder. This can be followed for several months to avoid any major challenges. 

3. Marketing Assets And Data Property Uploading

The assets from other sources are migrated to the Marketing Cloud on time and securely. Users just need to be sure all assets are structured properly into various folder settings. 

4. UAT Testing Of All Features 

The marketing cloud’s technical functionality should be tested to ensure user expectations and satisfaction. Make sure to build out internal and external test lists to conduct UAT testing upon moving assets into Marketing Cloud. 

5. Training

Proper training should be provided to the team members so they can be comfortable using all aspects of the new system. Organizations should make sure that all team members can easily use and deploy everything built with full security. 

Are you looking for a reputed Salesforce Partner for a successful implementation process? Though the implementation process is user-friendly, making a contract with an implementation partner is always recommended to overcome various challenges that can occur during implementation. 

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