Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing platform that supports many marketing features like multi-channel campaign execution, post and pre-campaign analytics, dynamic customer journeys, etc. Salesforce  Marketing Cloud supports these features with the help of Studios and Builders. Marketing cloud includes some combined solutions for content management, journey management, and data analytics. In Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), Email Studio, Social Studio, and Mobile Studio to manage and engage communication with different channels. With the help of builders, we can manage the customer’s data, content, and journey in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

Now let’s discuss some benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Key features of Marketing Cloud

Data Management: In Marketing, cloud Data Extensions(tables) are used for data management. Data Extensions can be used in the form of a relational database supported by SQL. This feature and the SFMC’s ability to store different types of data gives Marketing cloud more advantages over similar platforms.

Integration Capabilities: Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a very large integration capacity which allows it to store different types of data. SFMC supports various APIs like REST API and SOAP API to expand the existing information in SFMC other than the expected connection with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Third-Party Applications: To increase the capabilities and customize the specific goals Salesforce Marketing Cloud has many third-party applications available. An example of third-party applications supported by SFMC is AppExchange. Apart from AppExchange, several other third-party applications help SFMC to expand its functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence: In Salesforce, artificial intelligence is branded as “Einstein.” Einstein helps in predicting customer engagement, the best time to send a message to each customer, and so on. All these will help increase the customer’s engagement with the brand and hopefully prevent disengagement.

The SFMC helps execute promotional campaigns, automated campaigns, personalized emails, triggered messages, and much more.

Key features of Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application from Salesforce. Sales Cloud helps sales teams win more deals and understand their business in more detail. Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to support sales, marketing, and customer service in B2B and B2C  contexts. 

Contact Management: Sales Cloud gives complete information about the contact like previous communications, discussions, contact ID, emails so on. This feature helps to know every contact in customer accounts. By this, we will get a complete picture of the customer and how they will engage with our brand messages. In addition, the Sales Cloud uses the social media contents of the contacts to understand customer behavior.

Opportunity Management: This feature helps make and change the quotes according to the sales interaction.

Salesforce Engage:  This feature allows to know where the revenue growth stands, alerts active leads, and creates personalized campaigns.

Lead Management: This feature of Salesforce Sales Cloud helps to designate the leads to appropriate people and also to track the campaigns.

Reports and Dashboards: It’s essential to understand where to change the decisions taken and the mistake made. This feature of Sales Cloud helps create dashboards that provide every information that can lead to faster decisions. 

Sales Forecasting: To get proper forecasting of Sales will help in revenue growth; the sales forecasting feature gives a perfect view of Sales. The forecasting done can be adjusted with the real-time data.

Workflow and Approvals: The approval process has become more simplified using the visual drag and drop interface. 

Sales Performance Management: To get performance summaries will help improve the Sale for the future. It will help to understand the flaws where we have to work. It also helps to create a link between Sales data and Sales goals.

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