Salesforce, the leading CRM  brand worldwide, has announced Salesforce Patient 360 for health. This service includes behavioral health, advanced therapy management, Genie for healthcare, Mulesoft Accelerator for healthcare, Care Coordination, Commerce Marketplace for healthcare, and subscriptions for healthcare. This innovation will help and enhance the healthcare industry to deliver better success all on a single integrated platform.

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss an overview of patient 360 to enhance the healthcare industry. 

Healthcare organizations always look for streamlined solutions that can increase time-to-value, cost savings, and efficiency without compromising anything. Patient 360 for Health draws on the full power of this leading platform to deliver various solutions for healthcare industries to create trusted and connected relationships between patients, providers, and payers. 

Salesforce Patient 360 For Personalized Patient Experience

Healthcare organizations need connected data and intelligence, along with effective integration and automation tools, so employees can deliver connected and personalized patient care. Genie integrates real-time clinical and non-clinical data to create a more comprehensive patient profile. So the medical teams can have a more holistic snapshot of the patient for personalized engagement and optimize care interventions that influence health outcomes. 

Patient care coordination allows the teams to access apps to improve patient case management and outcomes. Care coordinators can be connected with colleagues through alerts, messages, and workflows from a secured platform. 

Mulesoft Accelerator brings together the most important patient information by unifying data from clinical and non-clinical systems. Automation for utilization management helps providers to streamline information more efficiently to make faster decisions for the patient, leading to more satisfied customers. 

One Stop Solution

Patient 360 for Health is a unique solution, including Driver 360 for Automative, Client 360 for Financial Services, and Education 360 for learning, that helps to use the most advantages of this platform to deliver a single source of customer truth. 

The platform delivers tailored solutions for healthcare and life sciences organizations globally to provide an enhanced digital experience for employees, patients, and members to personalize patient experience. 

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