Though we are enjoying the weather of Autumn, Salesforce, the #1 CRM platform, is already preparing for the Salesforce Spring 23 release and has announced the important dates that users should note. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the Salesforce Spring ’23 release notes.

The production instance will be upgraded to the Spring ’23 release as per the 12-month release calendar on To check the upgrade date, users can enter the instance name or domain and click on the maintenance tab. To experience the opportunity and test the configurations on the new release, let’s look at the dates-

Important Dates Of Salesforce Spring 23 Release

  • Pre-Release Org Sign Up: December 15
  • Release Notes: December 21
  • Sandbox Previews: January 1
  • Release Dates: January 13, February 3, and February 10
salesforce spring 23 key dates

Prerelease Environment Sign-Up (December 15)

Prelease org is a test environment with new release features enabled that allows users plenty of time to test and figure out the right solution for their organizations. If the users already had a prelease org for Winter ’23, they can log back into that one. In case of any uncertainty regarding the features that users want to implement, they can join the Trailblazer Community or contact a reputed Salesforce Partner for the best assistance. 

Preview Release Notes (December 21)

Users can scan the release notes from Dec’21 onwards and use filters to display only the sections related to the edition and clouds the user is currently using. 

Sandbox Cut-Off Date (January 5)

Users can use their sandbox to get early access to new features and test configurations before the scheduled production upgrade. Users should have an active sandbox on a preview instance before January 5, 2023, to get the Spring ’23 preview in the sandbox. 

Sandbox Upgraded (January 6 and 7)

When users decide to take advantage of the sandbox preview, the chosen sandboxes will be upgraded to Spring ’23. The Sandbox preview allows users to test new features without impacting the live environment. The added benefit of sandbox preview provides the ability to test new features using a configuration that matches the production environment. 

Spring ’23 Is Live (January 6)

The release Highlights module on Trailhead is a quick and easy way to learn about features. Salesforce offers various learning videos and demos for the best learning experience and to make the process as easy as possible. 

First Release Weekend (January 13)

The first release weekend is when Salesforce and a small number of customers get upgraded. If the users are ready for the upgrade, the Trailblazers group will have all the content to get the organization’s users up to speed on the new features. 

Release Readiness (January 20-27)

The admin and developer will set the Spring ’23 release with their favorite features. The product management team will now discuss and demo the new features. 

Second Release Weekend (February 3)

Another set of features gets updated during the second release weekend. 

Final Release Weekend (February 10 and 11)

The rest of the Salesforce instances will be upgraded on February 10 and 11. If the users previously opted out of including the organization in the sandbox preview, they will be upgraded this week. 

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