Salesforce is the cloud-based #1 CRM solution. It is the most popular customer relationship management system across the world. The main functionality it provides is automation which helps the organizations in every sector. Automation allows organizations to focus on the core business while doing the repetitive works in the backend. Companies are adopting this process to optimize and accelerate their business processes. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe how the Sales Automation process works with the help of Salesforce. 

Every salesperson knows that taking more time to deliver the essentials to a deal can sometimes kill the deal. The sales process includes lead generation, lead nurturing, pushing them through the sales funnel, and finally increasing the conversion. Thus the revenue of a company grows. Proper coordination between all the processes eventually develops a satisfied customer.

But the sales representatives need to handle so many administrative works for a successful deal, like making quotations, replying to the queries, research, etc. So they can’t manage much time to focus on the core area, sales. Instead, they become occupied with these administrative tasks that don’t generate revenue. Here comes the Salesforce automation to automate the sales process and boost revenue. 

Sales automation software automates repetitive tasks, reduces the sales cycle time, and closes deals faster. Automation leads to higher sales and eliminates human error, and builds credibility with customers. Date quality also gets improved without the incorrect data. Sales automation also helps to provide a personalized experience to the customer, which finally leads to more conversion. 

Salesforce offers various products and services as a part of Sales Cloud. For example, Salesforce offers an advanced product called Configure Price Quote (CPQ). CPQ automatically generates accurate sales quotations, nurtures the leads by sending automated emails, and helps the sales representatives by sharing access to all the documents related to the deals to communicate with the clients whenever needed. 

How To Incorporate The Automation Process

Sometimes it is a little complicated to automate a messy sales process. So, Sales managers should identify the inability in the current Sales process. Properly updating the current sales process will save time and effort while incorporating the automation. Automation can be added to every sales process if it is well organized. Sales automation can be customized depending on the sales team’s pain points. But before implementing the new technology, organizations need to be sure about the adoption capability of the employees first. 

Contribution Of Salesforce To The Automation Process

This cloud platform provides various tools to automate the repetitive works of an organization. Four such tools are Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, and Flow Builder

These tools enable the sales team to automate business processes without coding. For example, these processes automate the email sending process, creating tasks, sending outbound messages to other systems, etc. 

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