Salesforce is recognized as the #1 CRM solution across the globe. Salesforce is a user-friendly platform that provides customized solutions to every organization irrespective of its size. Though this platform is very user-friendly, it is always recommended to complete the implementation process through a Salesforce Partner to get the greatest return on investment. 

Salesforce implementation and maintenance require a high level of expertise. As a result, businesses turn to Partners to help organizations achieve their goals and ensure a successful implementation of Salesforce. 

The Salesforce Partner Program enables consulting partners to grow their business by providing expertise, guidance, and innovative tools to help them solve business challenges. 

Salesforce Managed Service Provider Program

Salesforce has introduced a new partner program via the Managed Service Provider(MSP) Program. This program is available to existing Consulting Partners to provide insight and support with the MSP business model. 

Pardot Plus

To support the prospect engagement, Ridge, Crest, Summit ISV, and Consulting Partners will get access to the full production license for Pardot Plus. This platform allows Partners to accelerate lead generation and automate all the marketing efforts to provide robust analyses. 

No Program Fees Are Required

Previously, Partners had to pay annual program fees to become consulting Partner at Salesforce. Now, these fees have been removed. So Partners can invest those amounts in expanding their business. 

Technical Support 24×7

All the Partners can avail the facility of the Premier Success Plan. This plan provides technical support round the clock from experienced engineers, fast response, and unlimited developer support. In addition, consulting partners can be of any size so this Premier Success Plan will benefit smaller organizations with less in-house support. 

Partner Community Tracker

The new updates will be coming to the Partner Community Tracker later this year. Partner Navigator will recognize Partners, their areas of expertise, and their appearance on the AppExchange. In addition, Salesforce is continuously developing new and enhanced search capabilities to improve the expertise so that businesses can easily match with Consulting Partners. 

AppExchange Chat

AppExchange Chat is one of the essential features available for Salesforce Partners to optimize their listing. This feature makes it easy to connect with Partners using a chat widget. This feature is available on any AppExchange listing. 

Are you looking for skilled and experienced Salesforce resources to solve business needs? Please feel free to take a consultation call with the Salesforce partner CloudVandana and hire on-demand Salesforce resources for your business. 

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