Salesforce, the #1 CRM platform worldwide, is well-known for its innovations. Innovations are reflected in everything that they do. Salesforce generally releases three updates per year among them, many ideas are sourced directly from the customers via the IdeaExchange. 

In this blog, CloudVandana, the reputed Salesforce partner in India,  will discuss five effective innovations of Salesforce Winter ‘23 to save the costs of your business. 

Customers are the assets of every business. So Salesforce has invented cost-saving and efficiency-driving innovations from the Winter ‘23 release to maximize the Salesforce investment of their clients. Let’s look at the innovations-

1. Preventive Maintenance Plans

With the help of Preventive Maintenance Enhancements from Service Cloud, users can create preventive maintenance plans for equipment based on usage so that users do not miss a single beat. The next maintenance can be determined by a fixed cadence or automatically adjusted based on the usage after completing the previous work. These enhancements will let users do better maintenance planning, repair time, and integration into the scheduling process and significantly reduce unnecessary expenditures and labor costs. 

2. Cloud Storage Facilities

CDP connector is a new Marketing Cloud feature that reduces integration and maintenance costs to manage a pre-built connection to bring data from Google Cloud Storage into the customer data platform. Now users can manage Cloud Storage attributes to enhance customer profiles and optimize segmentation and personalization. 

3. More Opportunities With Commerce

  • Enable recurring revenue models for B2B and B2B2C using subscription Management’s pre-built integrations that connect Revenue Cloud to Commerce Cloud. 
  • Enable visitors to quickly search for products on B2B web stores and gain insight into shopper intent with Semantic Search.

4. Collaboration From Anywhere

Now it is easier to collaborate faster by completing tasks in Experience Cloud using Flow Orchestration enhancements, specifically Flow Orchestration’s Work Guide. Admins can now empower other users to help spot bottlenecks using supervisor permissions. 

5. Increased Automation For Customer Satisfaction

Enterprise Self-Service for Communications Cloud allows organizations to eliminate steps, scale transactions, and improve customer satisfaction with Enterprise Self-Service that automates move, add, change, or delete services for bulk and multi-site subscription management. In addition, this solution will help to reduce cost-to-serve while increasing automation and customer satisfaction. 

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