List emails enable you to send an individual email to each recipient instead of one email to the entire group. You can send individual, personalized emails to recipients on contact and lead lists and members of a campaign. Or, choose individual records on a list or campaign view. Use email templates with merge fields to customize each email. List email is intended to facilitate your business processes, not to replace your email application or handle mass-marketing campaigns.

Schedule List Emails to Send at the Ideal Time

With the new release, Reps can now schedule when to send a list email. Choose an ideal date and time to ensure that the list email has the best chance of being read. For example, schedule a list email to arrive at the beginning of the workday. Scheduling was previously available for individual emails only.

Step to Follow

To schedule a list email, select Send Later.

Set a date and time for the list email to be sent.

Click Save to save the date and time and return to the list email.

Click Send Later and the email is scheduled to be sent at that date and time.

To change the scheduled time or delete the email, click the Send Later dropdown Or, go to the List Emails home page.

Note: List emails count against an org’s daily email send limit, which is typically 5,000 email recipients per day

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