Slack is an instant messaging program designed by Slack Technologies and owned by Salesforce. It was developed for professionals and organizational communications, but now it has been adopted as a community platform. 

It is an effective way to receive automated updates on prospects. The platform streamlines the ability of the sales team to share and access helpful tips and information. 

In this article, CloudVandana, a reputed Salesforce partner in India, will describe this platform’s functionalities to enhance the sales team’s efforts. The platform enables the sales team to communicate with potential clients and close deals faster. 

Let’s look at how the platform can enhance the sales effort-

Slack To Boost The Productivity

1. CRM Integration For Immediate Updates

Users can receive a Notification anytime a contact is added to or updated in the CRM so that the salespeople can reach out to any prospect immediately and take the required action. Salesforce Slack integration enables users to receive in-app calendar notifications so the team never misses a meeting or real-time notifications when new contacts fill out lead-qualifying forms on the website. So the team can build stronger customer relationships and be well-organized to close deals faster. 

2. Answer Client Queries Immediately

The platform gives easy access to the answers whenever required. While attending a meeting with the client, a salesperson can pop a question in a group Slack room when the solution is unavailable and have an answer within minutes. The coworker has the opportunity to answer the question. 

3. Engage With Inbound Leads

It sends a notification immediately whenever someone comes to the website and takes the desired action. When the team receives the notification, they can send the prospect a chat message to assist them, provide them with further details about the product or the services, and follow them up immediately via email. 

4. Better Collaboration

When several teammates work on a single account or RFP, a new Slack channel can be created for them. It helps the team stay organized and makes it easy for project contributors to share updates with other team members. So, salespeople can spend less time following up and more time closing deals. 

5. Saves Time 

Increased productivity is one of the biggest reasons to implement this technology in the workflow. Instead of traditional emails between team members, which tend to clutter inboxes and eat up time, encourage everyone to communicate directly through this messaging platform. So, the response time will be faster, and inboxes will be ready to receive emails. So the team can communicate with the prospect proactively. 

6. Brings Sales And Marketing Together

When the sales and marketing team works hand-to-hand, the conversion rate increases. The sales team prefers one unified location for requesting new marketing slides for prospect demos, marketing campaigns, etc. The collaboration closes more deals and enhances the revenue of the organization. 

There are various other benefits of integrating Slack into your CRM. To get the best advice, you can schedule a free 30 minutes call with the expert consultants of CloudVandana, and enhance your productivity and revenue in no time. Call Now

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