Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform that gives a concrete view across different channels. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing automation. Salesforce help to improve and develop your Sales team by providing Lead management, Forecasting tools, and so many other facilities from any device and merges customer data to create real-time communication. 

What is Marketing Cloud in Salesforce?

Marketing Cloud in Salesforce helps you get a more widespread and more profound Customer relationship across every touchpoint with the help of integrated marketing tools. First, let’s discuss some essential Salesforce Marketing Cloud products.

Datorama: Datorama acts as a one-stop solution for your investments, KPI,  Marketing data analysis, and decisions.

Interaction Studio: With the help of Interaction Studio, we can visualize, track, and manage real-time customer experiences. This will benefit making decisions by understanding the customer’s interest.

Advertising Studio: Using Advertising studio, we can target and streamline customers by advertising utilizing the CRM data. This allows you to target and re-engage old customers and acquire new ones.

Automation Studio: Automation Studio is a Salesforce Marketing Automation Cloud application used to enable Data Management and multi-step Marketing activities and initiatives on a triggered, immediate, or scheduled basis.

Benefits of the Marketing Cloud in Salesforce.

Application of Artificial Intelligence 

Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence technology is Einstien, which has many functionalities such as

To understand the number of messages to be sent to an individual, Engagement Frequency can be used

To predict which type of customers will interact with the messages, Engagement Scoring can be used.

Understanding the best time to send a message is essential to improve the open rate, which can be done by Send time Optimization.

Wide Integration Capabilities

In order to deliver data from multiple sources, comprehensive integration capabilities are needed. Marketing Cloud integrates with Salesforce’s Service Cloud via Marketing Cloud Connect and Sales Cloud. It supports integration with SOAP API and REST API. We can import data and start a triggered send.

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