Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is very popular among organizations across the globe. This hiring process consists of evaluating the existing in-house resources and then determining the additional skills that are required to complete the project. This process efficiently manages both in-house and outsourced resources depending on the project requirements.

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss how to choose the right staff augmentation model and its numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at how to choose the right model-

To select the right augmentation model, companies need to set their goal and priorities first. Most of the time, organizations use various providers as per their business requirements but it is recommended to make the contract with one reputed firm to avoid any hassle.

When To Use Staff Augmentation Services

Augmentation is extending existing in-house resources for making the workflow faster and more efficient. If a project requires a specific skill set and the in-house team becomes unable to perform it in the right way, then organizations should go for a staff augmentation model to enhance their business. 

This model saves time that organizations generally waste in finding professionals through the traditional hiring process. Organizations just need to make a contract with an augmentation firm like CloudVandana. On the other hand, it saves cost as the organizations do not need to bear the cost after the project deployment. This process is scalable, so organizations can increase or reduce the team size whenever required. 

Through this hiring model, organizations can get highly skilled and experienced developers for their projects. If they go for an augmented process, they do not need to arrange any training sessions as they are already trained. This also saves time, money, and the responsibility of the managers toward a successful project deployment. It is a faster and easy way to adapt developers to the project’s working ambiance. 

The managers can easily control the team and get to know each and every step through this hiring model. So clear transparency is maintained among the organization and the staff augmentation firm. 

Benefits Of Staff Augmentation

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of staff augmentation.

1. Enhanced Productivity

Staff augmentations lead to more productivity and efficiencies. The hired team is always focused on the project. They are always dedicated to their assigned task to complete their task within the specified time. As their efficiency level is higher, they can easily handle various projects at a time. 

2. Enhanced Growth

As the solution is flexible, brands do not face any challenges with an investment loss. Organizations just need to pay them for the service they provide and when the task is over, they just need to cancel the contract with the staff augmentation firm to avoid the additional cost. Those saved costs can be used in the organizational development process to increase growth. 

3. Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring full-time skilled developers can be quite expensive as organizations need to pay them continuously even if there is no active project to perform. But the cost of hiring remote software developers is comparatively low as there is no training cost, administrative cost, or other hiring-related costs associated with this model. 

4. Support 24×7

Staff augmentation provides the best-skilled resources to any organization. They are always dedicated to providing the best solution and are ready to work as per the time zone of the organization, so they can provide support whenever needed.

These are just a few of the benefits from the numerous advantages of Staff Augmentation that organizations can experience by adopting this model. 

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