In today’s world, the most emerging and robust solution for delivering customized cross-channel engagement is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud increases the company’s efforts to engage customers anywhere or anytime. Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers many tools and technologies for email automation, data consolidation, etc. An organization’s marketing team can get a unified customer view across all the channels to create customer journeys by improving the implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Let’s discuss some tips for the successful implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Understand the starting point and act accordingly.

Marketing Cloud provides many tools like Email Studio, Journey Builder, Social Studio, Salesforce DMP, Advertising studio, and Mobile Studio. The priority should be to understand and examine our business priorities and customer needs. Then, identify which tool will help improve the organization’s growth.

Gather the right team.

Gathering appropriate teams plays an integral part in the successful implementation of the Marketing Cloud. The team should represent the organization’s voice and have a strong knowledge of business requirements.

Set up a goal for the team

Once the organization has determined the starting point, and the team is set up, the next step is to set a goal for the team. It is always recommended to set a  measurable goal related to the organization’s business requirements.

Identify and define the audience.

 After setting up a goal, the next step is to identify and define the audience. Then if there are any inconsistencies in the CRM, they should be rectified. Finally, collect the required data to execute the campaign smoothly to the targeted audience.

Plan the customer journey

Understand the current status of the customer journey and the challenges faced. It is always recommended to have a check on every touchpoint across multiple channels to have a clear understanding. If needed, rewrite the journey to make use of Marketing Cloud’s best of all capacities. It is essential to identify the significant challenges at this level and rectify them in the journey.

Initiate a proper documentation process and nomenclature

It is always good to follow a proper way of naming files and folder structures from the beginning. This will reduce many confusions as the team starts working. In addition, an accurate and precise documentation process is needed for the data model, and API data extensions, if any, are used.

Better Communication

Managing the changes creates accountability, and transparency in communication plays a significant role. However, to keep the organization on the path of progress, constant evaluation of status and performance is needed. Therefore, a proper communication plan should be generated, and consistent measures of stakeholders and sponsors should be done.

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