Python developers hold a very important role in app development as this technology is considered one of the most preferred programming languages across the world. The skilled developers have made this application versatile in nature and have added various benefits to it. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the five top skills of a Python developer that organizations should consider while hiring. 

Python is vastly used in various domains such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Applications, and many more. So, developers need to learn more than just learning the application and its tools to become a successful and productive developers. Let’s have a look at the top skills-

1. Expertise In Python Frameworks

Python frameworks accelerate the development process by eliminating the worry about low-level stuff such as sockets, protocols, and threads. There are various frameworks of this platform that developers can choose from like Django, Flask, Bottle, etc. These frameworks can significantly simplify the life of a developer once they get accustomed to them. The frameworks can vastly develop an application that can effectively save the time of the developers from the complexity of typing code repeatedly. This framework’s possibilities are not limited to web applications, but they are useful for other domains like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc. So organizations should check the expertise of the developers with this framework while hiring them for the development process. 

2. Expertise In Core Python

Developers should have detailed knowledge about the core concepts of Python. They should have foundational concepts like Data types and variables, data structures, exception handling, file handling, object-oriented programming, and many more. 

3. Knowledge In Front-End Development

The developers not only work with backend technologies. They need to work with the front-end technologies as well. In a corporate environment, this practice involves the UI/UX team, Project Managers for better coordination. So the basic knowledge of front-end technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is beneficial for both organizations and developers. 

4. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI and machine learning have been booming in the present technology industry. As machine learning and AI are both high in demand, a developer should have the basic concept and algorithms to get a clear understanding. A clear knowledge of data science is also essential while working with projects and huge amounts of data. 

5 Analytical Skills

Programming can be challenging sometimes, so analytical skills are crucial for any developer to handle the complexity properly. Not only Python, but developers working with other programming languages and domains should also have proper analytical skills and a strong understanding of the algorithms. Developers should have the ability to write transparent, and well-optimized code with their strong knowledge. This practice will help to improve the analytical skills of the developers. 

There are various other skills of an experienced Python developer that organizations can experience if they choose a Staff Augmentation firm like CloudVandana to hire skilled and experienced remote software developers. 

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